The Washington Post - Aug 29 2019

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Clues Answers
'... thou damned whale!' speaker AHAB
'Fresh Air' airer NPR
'Just messin' around' IKID
'The Wizard of Oz' actor LAHR
'__ Como Va': Santana hit OYE
'__ World': 'Sesame Street' segment ELMOS
Although YET
Anonym in a landmark case ROE
Be of service to AVAIL
Being broadcast ONAIR
Biden's 2008 debate opponent PALIN
Bit of animation CEL
Brute OGRE
Chances ODDS
Chimed RANG
Composition ESSAY
Cookie with a whimsical name SNICKERDOODLE
Counterclockwise arrow function UNDO
Countless years EONS
Critical layer OZONE
Dalí contemporary ARP
Data disk CDROM
Doone of Exmoor LORNA
Driver's warning FORE
Dumb move BONER
English lit degrees BAS
Eyeliner applicator PENCIL
Famiglia nickname MAMMA
Fountain near the Spanish Steps TREVI
From the beginning ANEW
Gad about ROVE
Gaelic language ERSE
Go gaga over ADORE
Herpetologist's employer ZOO
High-yield deposits LODES
House in a bush NEST
Clues Answers
Huge herbivore RHINOCEROS
It comes full circle as you work your way through 20-, 36-, 43- and 58-Across REVOLVINGDOOR
It's stressful to live in it CRISISMODE
Lawless character XENA
LED component DIODE
Led Zeppelin's 'Whole __ Love' LOTTA
Like pretzel rods CRISP
Like some whiskey barrels OAKEN
Monastery wear COWLS
Monopoly card DEED
Mortise insert TENON
Moves like Tinker Bell FLITS
Name on a box of bricks LEGO
Nose (around) SNOOP
Not working IDLE
One to the manor born NOBLE
Penny pincher MISER
Petro-Canada competitor ESSO
Puccini opera TOSCA
Rather small WEE
Recognize KNOW
Respond to 'Let's give it up for ... ' CLAP
Salchow kin AXEL
Slangy greeting YODUDE
Smart game-show vowel purchase for 'D _ _ M AND GL _ _ M' ANO
Summer in la ville ETE
Support for a king? BEDSPRING
Swearing in a monastery? VOWS
Sweepstakes submission ENTRY
The Chipmunks, e.g TRIO
The grapevine WORDOFMOUTH
Titter TEHEE
Torch-wielding group in 'Frankenstein' MOB
Tuition add-ons FEES
Turkmenistan neighbor IRAN
Useful thing ASSET
Wear away ERODE