The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1428

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Clues Answers
Attempt to nail one record in series of three TRILOGY
Bouncers spit: mortal sin, unfortunately trampolinists
Caught in trap, illicit profit made LUCRE
Companion welcoming secretary of a RC leader PAPAL
Dog carried back by big rocket CORGI
Grass over lovely Cambridge Backs RYE
Great Depression: 'flu spreading? SPLENDIFEROUS
Heard of charming apartment! SUITE
Latest run for paper NEWSPRINT
Musical performance that may go either way? GIG
Old article in complex meant to be shabby moth-eaten
Old weapons in unopened graves ARROWS
Clues Answers
Plant after day is OK SATISFACTORY
Politician needing info about Religious Education GREEN
Popular icon got dressed up in disguise INCOGNITO
Produce book, penning ultimate in ghoulish twist WRITHE
Roll filled with a fowl for the oven ROASTER
Rubbish peak to climb ROT
Something cold seen during Antarctic expedition ICE
Something flashing across the sky, then nothing: regain consciousness come to
Stirring espresso, don't — use this? DESSERTSPOON
Tenacious horse: famous name carrying you STAYER
Very sensitive poets roaming over island, endlessly top-secret
Wonderful agent takes us up SUPER