Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Sep 20 2019

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Clues Answers
'Am — blame?' ITO
'Diana' singer ANKA
'Monopoly' buy HOTEL
'The A-Team' actor MRT
Annoy IRK
Any time now SOON
Bashful SHY
Big brass TUBAS
Bobby of hockey ORR
Buckeyes' sch OSU
Building wings ELLS
Calendar abbr OCT
Capitol Hill VIP SEN
Carried out DID
Cathedral area NAVE
Charity race, maybe FUNRUN
City near Syracuse UTICA
Coach Parseghian ARA
Come back RETURN
Director Howard RON
Dundee residents SCOTS
Fake name ALIAS
Fastening tool STAPLEGUN
Fill up SATE
Fine spray MIST
Gal of 'Wonder Woman' GADOT
Genetic stuff DNA
Ginger cookies SNAPS
Gooey pastry STICKYBUN
Green gems JADES
Green prefix ECO
Hubbub ADO
Madame Curie MARIE
Clues Answers
Mediocre SOSO
Menagerie ZOO
Montreal summer ETE
Moonshine vessel JUG
Ms. Thurman UMA
Musical set in Argentina EVITA
Navajo or Hopi TRIBE
Nissan, once DATSUN
Obliterate ERASE
One-time link ATA
Pac. counterpart ATL
Parisian 'yes' OUI
Pen tip NIB
Plane parts WINGS
Planet with rings SATURN
Reed instrument OBOE
Science room LAB
Seminary subj REL
Sheepish? OVINE
Shrill barks YELPS
Snake's sound SSS
Sock part TOE
Some Oklahoma natives OTOES
SSW opposite NNE
Stir-fry pans WOKS
Suffix with cash IER
Tree fluid SAP
Vigor PEP
Wall climber IVY
Wildebeest GNU
Young cow CALF