New York Times - Aug 27 2019

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Clues Answers
'48 ___' (1982 film) HRS
'Horned' creatures TOADS
'I'm shocked!' OMG
'Toy Story' dinosaur REX
'What's in a ___?' (line from Juliet) NAME
'___ want a cracker?' POLLY
'___ you mad?' ARE
Actress McCarthy is wandering MELISSASAIMLESS
Approx EST
Authorize to LET
Before a sitting judge ATBAR
Burning AFLAME
Campaign undertaking POLL
Chicken cordon ___ BLEU
Clammy DAMP
Classic barbecue fare RIBS
Comfortable with considering OPENTO
Competitor of Chase and Citibank WELLSFARGO
Contents of hangars PLANES
Designer McCartney is prepared STELLASALLSET
Direction opposite norte SUR
Financial watchdog, for short SEC
Flower parts SEPALS
Focus of a casting director ROLE
Fragrance AROMA
French word on both sides of 'à' VIS
Gardening brand ORTHO
Head covering similar to a wave cap DORAG
Head honcho TOPDOG
Helpful UTILE
Hiker's aid COMPASS
Hirer's communication OFFER
History-making events FIRSTS
Hit 2003-07 teen drama on Fox THEOC
Home to Xenia and Zanesville, the most populous U.S. cities starting with 'X' and 'Z' OHIO
Insurrectionist Turner NAT
Item that may say 'his' or 'hers' TOWEL
Clues Answers
Likely to zone out SPACY
Magnetic quality AURA
Medicinal amt TSP
Monthly utility payment GASBILL
Most common commercial name in New York Times crosswords OREO
Mountaintop views VISTAS
One at a new job TRAINEE
One of the Peróns EVA
Opposite of 'winds up' UNREELS
Pair of promises IDOS
Pin point? LAPEL
Places to put potted plants SILLS
Pollution watchdog, for short EPA
Prefix with metric or magnetic GEO
Profs' support, for short TAS
Put into different classes ASSORT
Ron of 'Tarzan' ELY
Self-reflective question AMI
Singer Love is erudite DARLENESLEARNED
Speaker of a Siouan language OTO
Sports bar showing on many a Sunday afternoon NFLGAME
Steering position HELM
Still preferable EVENBETTER
Subj. of a traveler's text, maybe ETA
Supermodel Hutton is incredible LAURENSUNREAL
Supersize: Abbr ENL
Tennis point just before a win, maybe FORTY
The O.W.L. and N.E.W.T. at Hogwarts EXAMS
Things florists cut STEMS
Tolstoy's '___ Karenina' ANNA
Web address ending ORG
What pounds might be converted to EUROS
Writer after whom the Edgar Award is named POE
Yellowfin tuna AHI
[Just like *that*] SNAP
___ Park, N.J MENLO
___ Reader (quarterly magazine) UTNE