Canadiana - Aug 26 2019

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Clues Answers
A kind of piano GRAND
Absolute UTTER
Airborne, abbr ABN
Ancient OLD
And, in St. Brieux ET
Belief DOGMA
Book marker PAGETAB
Bosnian or Croatian SERB
Bravo! RAH
Brew ALE
Bull talk BAWLS
Canister TIN
Caulking SEALER
Caviar ROE
Celebrity STAR
Common cookie OREO
Court game BADMINTON
Dogs it? SLACKS
Duo #1 begins CDAND
Duo #1 continues GORDIE
Duo #2. begins RB
Duo #2. continues WAC
Duo #2. continues AND
Electronic data processing, abbr EDP
End of Duo #1 HOWE
End of duo, #2 BENNETT
Energy Unit BHP
Fancy food store DELI
German town ULM
Goes forth WENDS
Clues Answers
Hairstyle PIGTAIL
Harmful gas RADON
It offends BO
Lewis or Barr, e.g DAVID
Lizard GECKO
Load again RELOAD
Military chief, for short CO
Mineral source ORE
Most careless LOOSEST
Music source CD
No seats available SRO
Occupied BUSY
Of course! slang NATCH
Overtime, for short OT
Paddles OARS
Palm leaf paper OLLA
Prairie shrub SAGEBRUSH
Prefix meaning "in a" PER
Refusal NO
Resound ECHO
River in Mississippi YAZOO
Royal monogram ER
Rural Municipality, for short RM
Serge's salute OLE
Shoe size AA
Small gull TERN
Some First Canadians CREES
Throw up VOMIT
Vegreville Pol MAZ
Vice presidents, for short VEEPS
Whiskey TM VO
Women's org WI