Irish Times (Crosaire) - Aug 26 2019

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Clues Answers
100 Frenchmen in supply route travelling to work COMMUTER
Affluent women left in Toledo all over the place WELLTODO
Appointment in hospital for blogger POSTER
Architect releases her plan TACTIC
Auden adaptation about British flower DANUBE
Big social gatherings in 24 down for leaders on Times Square EVENTS
Every man takes off army uniform EVEN
Exposes setting sun going around our planet UNEARTHS
Guy Henry is central to absurd thing for women only HENNIGHT
Heads on Irish beer in saloon produced by flighty type IBIS
Hurry through exercise for director in Gate finale - it's the ultimate EXPEDITE
In principle, to the audience, it could be Freud? HEADMASTER
Lacking the skill in New Labour to dismiss row UNABLE
Leaves for salad lunch with short clever type in boat club - and that's not easy? SWISSCHARD
Clues Answers
Look who just walked in to gossip about the man downstairs SPEAKOFTHEDEVIL
More savage than the monster in The Waste Land WILDERNESS
Most of the bar is open-minded to half of 12 across offering grass BAMBOO
Much ado about nothing in part of US Senate FUSS
Nervous yatter follows a conflict TREATY
Old ruler swallows newly opened grand, first-class port in China SHANGHAI
One of those fat types loses head with Express? UTTER
Some of the natural gases found in seaweed ALGA
Sounds like someone's crying, as short novel by one of the American gang isn't finished BOOHOO
Spotted in The Observer by 500 EYED
Trim rugby player starts 22 across in favour of Alpine country PROSWISS
Two American cities offering at auction missing diamonds without committing offence LAWABIDING
Upper-class woman from syndicate working as an escort USHERING
Who's out to demonstrate the truth of something? SHOW