The Washington Post Sunday - Aug 25 2019

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Clues Answers
'Barry' channel HBO
'Better give it my best' ILLTRY
'Do the Right Thing' actor Davis OSSIE
'Full Metal Jacket' setting VIETNAM
'Golda's Balcony' role MEIR
'I ___ you one' OWE
'No other possibilities' MUSTBE
'Oh, come on!' PSHAW
'Rapper Gone Bad' rapper Mac ___ DRE
'Same here!' IDOTOO
'The Godfather' actress Keaton DIANE
'___ Master' (TV show with tattoo artists) INK
1989 thriller that takes place on the Pacific DEADCALM
Anatomical anvil, e.g EARBONE
Aside on stage, e.g LINE
Assemble with whatever's available JURYRIG
Authoritative doctrines DOGMAS
Avengers' behemoth HULK
Batman foe who gains superhuman strength by taking Venom BANE
Bearded ___ (bird) TIT
Bibimbap ingredient RICE
Big 12 or Pac-12 org NCAA
Birds from Down Under EMUS
Blades on the ground GRASS
Bronx 'blue' team: Abbr NYPD
Burning desire URGE
Cable splitters? HOUSEMATES
Casino numbers ODDS
Closely related AKIN
Compost collection WASTE
Confusing situation MARESNEST
Counterpart of Eros AMOR
Croft played by Angelina Jolie LARA
CT scan alternative MRI
Darling or, after making a capture, tenderhearted tenderfoot? SWEETROOKIE
Director Anderson WES
Distinctive quality AURA
Dram and gram, e.g UNITS
Economic theorist Smith ADAM
Edge of a fedora BRIM
Energize, informally AMPUP
Epilogue's place END
Eschews the script ADLIBS
Establish, as a date SET
Exhibit immodesty BOAST
Fairy tale menace HAG
Fancy bit of neckwear SILKTIE
Fat in a skillet LARD
Fencing selection EPEE
Flemish painter or, after making a capture, golf tournaments that are full of nonsense? RUBBISHOPENS
Float, as an aroma WAFT
Free-hanging garments SKIRTS
Garment worn in many a 1980s aerobics video LEGWARMER
General ___ tofu TSOS
Get out of Dodge FLEE
Grace of 'Will & Grace' ADLER
Hand holders? ARMS
Hand out, as hands DEAL
He says yes or no to questions that don't have yes/no answers TREBEK
Hermosillo's state SONORA
High combat star AIRACE
Hydroelectric facility DAM
Immature insects PUPAE
Inherently BYNATURE
Inventory component ITEM
iPhone notification EMAILALERT
It's right in a square ANGLE
Joint covered by a boot ANKLE
Key maker's creation? TEST
Keyboard key or, after making a capture, noise from a Skylab Lab? SPACEBARKING
Clues Answers
Launched, with a finger FLICKED
Leisurely walks or, after making a capture, reproduce mythical cave beasts? SPAWNTROLLS
Like some beef servings AUJUS
Like some comedies DARK
Member of Guns N' Roses ... or AC/DC? SLASH
More rank, as venison GAMIER
Mountaineer's shelter TENT
Move like Mars ORBIT
Move, as inventory SELL
Nevada senator Jacky ROSEN
Northeast town bearing the name of a disease OLDLYME
Nullified tennis serve LET
Nursery occupants TYKES
Off the mark AMISS
On the subject of ASTO
On the ___ (escaping) LAM
One forced into a military force DRAFTEE
One making a mess SLOB
Org. with left wingers and right wingers NHL
Paul of 'Breaking Bad' AARON
Place to rest after going for a run SKILODGE
Playfully pleases AMUSES
Prepared READIED
Prone to panicking SCARED
Publisher of the game 'Gunstar Heroes' SEGA
Rashad who hosted 'NBA Inside Stuff' AHMAD
Recede, like the tide EBB
Recover from a shock, or an alternative title for this puzzle PICKUPTHEPIECES
RxList listings, for short MEDS
Saturate (with) IMBUE
Scolded severely LAIDINTO
Screwing up ERRING
Seattle baseball team or, after making a capture, San Francisco football stars? MARQUEENINERS
Service that streams 'The Handmaid's Tale' HULU
Sinatra's group, once RATPACK
Singer who plays the drums for Kiss ERIC
Site of a hot rack OVEN
Slip away from ELUDE
Sound from a jaguar ROAR
Spine spot BACK
Stagger REEL
Stays out of sight HIDES
Strauss works OPERAS
Stress-free condition EASE
Sucker SAP
Sung prayer PSALM
Susan ___, author played by Meryl Streep in 'Adaptation' ORLEAN
Swabs in a bathroom QTIPS
Tales or, after making a capture, some lingerie for long-necked birds? STORKNIGHTIES
Tear clearer TISSUE
Teeming, as with bees ASWARM
Tortoise topper SHELL
Transmitted SENT
Truck stop vehicle SEMI
Último dígito of this clue TRES
Variant in a laboratory ISOTOPE
Vegetables in pods PEAS
Verbalize a view OPINE
Waves made in a salon PERM
Web portal since 1995 MSN
Wedding purchases GOWNS
West Texas city ODESSA
Winged singers WRENS
Works with strophes ODES
World Cup champs in 2015 and 2019, briefly USWNT
You may be told to zip it LIP
___ bass (music technique) SLAP
___ melt TUNA
___ neutrality NET
___ out a living EKED