The Sun - Two Speed - Aug 25 2019

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Clues Answers
A container slightly open AJAR
Auditorium THEATRE
Beastly fighter Mike runs round at a party MATADOR
Brick holder HOD
Brooch PIN
Carrier from Lesotho delivered HOD
Catastrophic DIRE
Confine Brown without leave in military HQ PENTAGON
Considerate sort KIND
Cotton fabric DENIM
Credit involves primate in scheme CAPER
Discourteous IMPOLITE
Dislike test said to be complicated DISTASTE
Escapade CAPER
Fast motor craft POWERBOAT
Female name NAOMI
Five-sided polygon PENTAGON
French painter MONET
General assembly or private organisation? ARMY
Gentle prod NUDGE
Goblin or fairy SPRITE
Going in starkers, good way to get attention NUDGE
Hard-hearted RUTHLESS
Humorist PUNSTER
Hustlers can be callous RUTHLESS
Incandescent red hot
Material taken from the ground up DENIM
Mild aversion DISTASTE
Clues Answers
Military force ARMY
Mount carrying one French painter MONET
Nip over to see bowler's target PIN
Not quite shut AJAR
One making jokes better son admitted PUNSTER
Pirate Silver's leggings? long johns
Pixie right to stop resentment SPRITE
Principal toreador MATADOR
Private instructor TUTOR
Rate revised within the playhouse THEATRE
Recent desire shown in Newcastle? NEWISH
Relatively modern NEWISH
Relevant one to appear in Tory legend CAPTION
Rude little blighter to lie outrageously IMPOLITE
Salad vegetable SHALLOT
Small onion all you'll get we hear SHALLOT
Socialist fiery and very popular red hot
Somebody chauvinist keeps quiet big shot
Subtitle CAPTION
Terrible anger found in duke's wake DIRE
Trout grilled for teacher TUTOR
Undergarment long johns
Vessel has rope at bow in tangle POWERBOAT
VIP (informal) big shot
Woman going back in limo antagonised NAOMI
Wood Frenchman dumped in Rome's river TIMBER
Wooden beam TIMBER