The Sun - Two Speed - Aug 23 2019

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Clues Answers
African country CHAD
American state OHIO
Army outpost CAMP
Ballet step PAS
Carpet in crematorium MAT
Cleaner line drawn in sand BLEACH
Cosmetic cleanser cold cream
Counsel ADVICE
Direction finder COMPASS
Disdain or disrespect CONTEMPT
Family keeps fifty pots fired here KILN
Farm vehicle CART
Feline crossing river in barrow CART
Flesh-eating monster OGRE
Floor covering MAT
Frozen confection choc-ice
Green gem EMERALD
Guidance gets Bill over bad habit ADVICE
Hunk, student captivated by womanly signals? HERCULES
Implicit TACIT
Implied leaders in talks are cautious in tone TACIT
Impressive winger Arabs lost through injury ALBATROSS
In maturity the Italian is nimble AGILE
Jazz instrument CLARINET
Killer naturally hated unstable explosive death cap
Land conservationists initially owned CHAD
Clues Answers
Lawsuit setting a precedent test case
Loves to embrace hot one in river OHIO
Lunar ray MOONBEAM
Match box in legal action test case
Mostly male deer moving in shade EMERALD
Mythological hero HERCULES
Outstanding OWING
Own goal secures victory that's due OWING
Passionate INTENSE
Poisonous toadstool death cap
Potter's oven KILN
Powerful seabird ALBATROSS
Prisoner to invite ridicule CONTEMPT
Range of device that draws circles COMPASS
Reed at home opening red wine CLARINET
Secretaries in dance move PAS
Seen in disco: Greek giant OGRE
Strong decimal point INTENSE
Sunny reflection in dark hour? MOONBEAM
Sweet best to keep cold choc-ice
Theatrical Frenchman in beret CAMP
Three-dimensional CUBIC
Unfriendly elite — might this save face? cold cream
Whitener BLEACH
Young bear half-frozen — like solid! CUBIC