The Washington Post - Aug 22 2019

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Clues Answers
'Filthy' moolah LUCRE
'How __ Your Mother' IMET
'Learn about the UV Index' org EPA
'St. Louis Blues' composer WCHANDY
'Star Trek' creator Roddenberry GENE
'Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology' memoirist Remini LEAH
*'Boulevard Montmartre' series painter CAMILLEPISSARRO
*Jazzman Fats Waller, style-wise STRIDEPIANIST
Afternoon break SIESTA
Anger IRE
Arab chieftain EMIR
Bio info DOB
Brine has a lot of it SALT
By way of VIA
Champagne designation BRUT
Childish comeback ARESO
City with the world's tallest building DUBAI
Clairvoyant's claim ESP
Copier cartridge TONER
Corn unit EAR
Creamsicle flavor ORANGE
Dirty work? PORN
Dreadlocks wearer RASTA
Eccentric WACK
Expensive STEEP
Female rodent, to Fernando RATA
Forget-me-__ NOTS
Gets ready, with 'up' GEARS
Golfer with an 'army' ARNIE
Huntsville's home: Abbr ALA
Increase, with 'up' REV
It may be inflated EGO
Journalist Tarbell IDA
Kickoff ONSET
Kimono sash OBI
Krispy __ KREME
Clues Answers
Logician's 'E' ERAT
Long-billed wader EGRET
Make over REDO
Many 40-Across works OILS
Martinique, par exemple ILE
Miss. neighbor TENN
Monsieur's mine AMOI
Newton fractions DYNES
Nitrogen-based dye AZO
Not bright DIM
Novelist Ferber EDNA
Object of much reverence IDOL
Palestinian leader Mahmoud ABBAS
Pastel shade LILAC
Physicians' gp AMA
Places to tie up PIERS
Plane measurement AREA
Quake's origin, and a feature of the answers to starred clues EPICENTER
Quaking tree ASPEN
React to a loss MOURN
Room in una casa SALA
Rueful word ALAS
Signal to stop RED
Simian APE
Sisters on whom 'Little Women' was loosely based ALCOTTS
Snares TRAPS
Sore throat cause STREP
Steal, in slang COP
Suggestions, informally RECS
Supplement ADDTO
Turow book set at Harvard ONEL
√úberauthority CZAR
Virologist's goal CURE
Voiced one's opposition PROTESTED
Voyager org NASA
Walks unsteadily REELS
Word with dash or happy SLAP
__ bran OAT