Irish Times (Crosaire) - Aug 21 2019

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Clues Answers
Borders on moral turpitude in Vogue MODE
Co-star dropped by Sportscast is the sort of attention grabber that not everyone will catch PSST
Don't forget viral phenomenon about old teacher retiring MEMORISE
Embark on a journey with sailor consumed by drink STARTOUT
Employed retired characters from Trades Union USED
Flash of the extremes of Monty Python MOON
For example, takes the Telegraph editors onto boat in Clare river SUBSCRIBER
Forget extract from sanctimonious review OMIT
Get into hot water perhaps with 23 down at the end of the game BATHE
Hides half of Jacob's smokes OBSCURES
In retrospect, made tracks with artist and tenor or with one of those doing voice-over NARRATOR
It's not cheeky to have a high opinion of good books REVERENT
Junkie from party gets a couple of pills in payment for renting opium den presumably (4'1,3) USERSFEE
Let slip this is the antithesis of 17 down FORGET
Clues Answers
Listen to lieutenant dismissing tale TUNEIN
More confusion in my powers of recollection MEMORY
Neapolitan relative is not the first on the range SAUCEPAN
No cures in Bucharest for someone wanting to get clean BATH
Other half of Trim location for most of those in 4 down SPOUSE
Put away as it causes readers to pause - for the most part it's unfinished COMMIT
Relative is behind paying maintenance and saying nothing KEEPINGMUM
Remembers 8 across at unfinished station with 20 across COMMITSTOMEMORY
Revolutionary father among the titled few with the colourful Bells REDPEPPERS
Sample of catch on shuttle in Japanese waters HONSHU
Sister from island taken in by company ambassador NUNCIO
Squeezed The Media into Medoc complex COMPRESSED
Vegetable in unfinished, uncooked Sushi, for instance RADISH
Weekend bar opens to acknowledge Bill from America BANKNOTE