Irish Times (Simplex) - Aug 20 2019

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Clues Answers
... Fleming, author of the Bond books IAN
Attractive PRETTY
Become visible APPEAR
Clear, often sudden, understandings of complex situations INSIGHTS
Derelict in duty REMISS
English country pub INN
Firmly or with great power STRONGLY
Fruits of the vine GRAPES
Hazard on a golf course BUNKER
Inner part of a seed, the heart of the matter KERNEL
Involving many MULTIPLE
Leaders, bosses CHIEFS
Likely to happen but not certain PROBABLE
Make more interesting by adding details that may be untrue EMBELLISH
Members of states CITIZENS
Miserly or blotto TIGHT
Nativity BIRTH
Not present ABSENT
Clues Answers
Object, artefact THING
Place of Hindu retreat ASHRAM
Provides protection from weather or harm SHELTERS
Relativity between two quantities RATIO
Rule as sovereign REIGN
Sections of a book CHAPTERS
Short formal pieces of writing ESSAYS
Single parts of a whole UNITS
Small mouse-like animals SHREWS
Strike HIT
Tag or trade name LABEL
Take very small bites NIBBLE
The same in quantity, status etc. EQUAL
The uses for something FUNCTIONS
They relay the news REPORTERS
Unpleasant to look at UNSIGHTLY
US general who became president, in short IKE
Valuable, treasured PRECIOUS