Wall Street Journal - Aug 20 2019 - Eye Poetry

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Clues Answers
“Looking for volunteers...” ANYONE
“Out of my way!” COMINGTHROUGH
“Skedaddle!” GIT
“Watch it, bub!” HEY
“Well, gosh!” OHGEE
“You bet!” YEP
1987 Beatty/Hoffman movie ISHTAR
Activist arrested for voting in 1872 ANTHONY
Aurora’s counterpart EOS
Back rub reaction AAH
Bad-tasting, maybe NASTY
Barefoot UNSHOD
Bert’s buddy ERNIE
Bobby Orr, once BRUIN
Candidate for adoption STRAY
Capital southeast of Medellin BOGOTA
Carne ___ (grilled Mexican dish) ASADA
Cattle calls? MOOING
Cowardly Lion portrayer Bert LAHR
Crunches strengthen them ABS
Curie with two Nobel Prizes MARIE
Daybreak, to Dickinson MORN
Default consequence, for short REPO
Dentist’s command SPIT
Disease also called pertussis WHOOPINGCOUGH
Easter pursuit EGGHUNT
Elicits an answer ASKS
Emmy winner for “M*A*S*H” and “The West Wing” ALDA
Game with an oval ball RUGBY
Gathering place in old Greece AGORA
Go off on the wrong path ERR
Hit show letters SRO
House speaker? BOSE
In bad condition RATTY
India’s national capital territory DELHI
Indicator of disuse RUST
It’s not exemplified by this puzzle’s long answers RHYMING
Clues Answers
Keats creation ODE
Keeping in the loop, electronically CCING
Leo and Libra, e.g SIGNS
License plates TAGS
Longtime senator Specter ARLEN
Luau dish POI
March date IDES
Mars, for example GOD
Modeling agency founder Ford EILEEN
More flashy LOUDER
Object used to deck the halls HOLLYBOUGH
Parched ARID
Perched over ATOP
Police tactic DRAGNET
Queens neighborhood ASTORIA
Rye before it rises BREADDOUGH
School paper THEME
Schoolyard retort AMSO
Soak up knowledge LEARN
Some water flowers LOTUSES
Sow’s spot STY
Speak hoarsely RASP
Spot for Lara Croft TOMB
Subj. for immigrant students ESL
The witches in “Macbeth,” e.g TRIO
They may be candied YAMS
Time it takes light to travel a ft., approximately NSEC
Title checkbox choice MRS
Tofu bean SOYA
Trigonometry function SINE
What makes Jack a dull boy ALLWORK
Where RNs scrub in ORS
Wrestle, say PLAYROUGH
Wrong for the part MISCAST
___ culpa MEA
___-cone SNO