Wall Street Journal - Aug 19 2019 - Down to Earth

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Clues Answers
“Do ___ Disturb” NOT
“For ___ a jolly good...” HES
“Shoulda listened!” ITOLDYOUSO
“Show me!” LETSSEEIT
“Skyfall” singer ADELE
“What have we here!” OHO
“Yeah, sure!” IBET
007 creator Fleming IAN
251, in old Rome CCLI
As late as UNTIL
Auditory organ EAR
Ballpark souvenir CAP
Baton Rouge sch LSU
Bay or bight INLET
Betray embarrassment BLUSH
Big name in skin care OLAY
Binary digit ONE
Blockhead IDIOT
Came to an end BITTHEDUST
Character flaw FEETOFCLAY
Checked off EXED
Choreographer Ailey ALVIN
Chris who plays Captain America EVANS
City bond, for short MUNI
Dangling part in the throat UVULA
Dinosaur character in Nintendo games YOSHI
Discreet rendezvous TRYST
Fashion initials YSL
Female prophet SIBYL
Finish a golf hole PUTT
Formal promise OATH
Gung-ho EAGER
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Hand over YIELD
Happen OCCUR
Hoover product, for short VAC
Huggies rival LUVS
Important person MUCKETYMUCK
Clues Answers
Irish author Binchy MAEVE
Jersey color for a San Jose Shark TEAL
Lawyer: Abbr ATT
LAX regulator FAA
Mach 2 flyer of the past SST
Mermaid’s home SEA
Notion IDEA
Office notes MEMOS
Opaque, as an explanation CLEARASMUD
Players sought by the seeker HIDERS
Possessed HAD
River through Pakistan INDUS
Running shoe brand ASICS
Rural storage structure SILO
Service organization with over 1.4 million members LIONSCLUB
Sharp crafting tool XACTOKNIFE
Sign with scales LIBRA
Singer DiFranco ANI
Smell strongly like REEKOF
Smoothly charming SUAVE
Snowman in Disney’s “Frozen” OLAF
Spread gossip DISHTHEDIRT
Stopwatch button RESET
Store event SALE
String section instruments CELLI
Swiss canton URI
Take advantage of USE
The Parthenon now, for example RUINS
They rank below capts LTS
Treats for swelling, perhaps ICES
TV’s DeGeneres ELLEN
Venetian thoroughfare CANAL
Very long time AEON
What sleeping dogs do LIE
Whatever number ANY
Wrestling surface MAT
Wyo. neighbor IDA
Yet, to Yeats EEN