- Aug 19 2019

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Clues Answers
''. . . happily ever __'' AFTER
''Baby back'' barbecue servings RIBS
''Bald'' birds of prey EAGLES
''Make it __!'' (''Hurry!'') SNAPPY
''Small'' suffix for luncheon ETTE
10, 15, or 20 NUMBER
Acting roles PARTS
Aide: abbr ASST
Attendance-taking response HERE
Begin to melt THAW
Bottom of a foot SOLE
Break in diplomacy RIFT
Breed of large dog GREATDANE
Building with garden tools SHED
Burn-soothing plant ALOE
Calm and quiet SEDATE
Clothes-pressing appliance IRON
Concert keyboard instrument GRANDPIANO
Concludes ENDS
Courteous CIVIL
Cover of an orange RIND
Cravings YENS
Engrave ETCH
Feeling nervous TENSE
First Mrs. Trump IVANA
Fishing rod POLE
Fort __ (gold depository site) KNOX
Frequently ALOT
Full collections SETS
Gotten up RISEN
Grown-up boy MAN
Halloween face hider MASK
Initial poker payment ANTE
Intense anger WRATH
Kermit or Miss Piggy MUPPET
Looked at closely EYED
Magician's stick WAND
Major progress GIANTSTEP
Makes a mistake ERRS
Clues Answers
Monthly apartment payment RENT
More domesticated TAMER
Neat and clean TIDY
Needing a nap SLEEPY
Nest-egg plans: Abbr IRAS
Not fooled by ONTO
Nuisance PEST
Optimistic ROSY
Pages of an atlas MAPS
Path on a highway LANE
Pay for everyone's meal TREAT
Periods in history ERAS
Person buying costly things BIGSPENDER
Practical application, as of words USAGE
Prayer-finishing word AMEN
Propped (up), as a golf ball TEED
Quacking bird DUCK
Ready to harvest RIPE
Require NEED
Resorts with hot springs SPAS
Retain KEEP
Revealed, as a secret BARED
School test EXAM
Scornful smile SNEER
Shopping mall tenants STORES
Southeast Florida city MIAMI
Spirit-raising gathering SEANCE
Spooky EERIE
Sudden breath GASP
Sweepstakes submission ENTRY
Tennis court dividers NETS
Thick carpet SHAG
Unable to feel anything NUMB
Uses scissors CUTS
Ventilates AIRS
Vicinity AREA
Weighing device SCALE
__ board (manicurist's tool) EMERY
__ up (explode) BLOW