The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 1,031 - Aug 19 2019

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Clues Answers
A guess? A cuckoo? A dog? SAUSAGE
Be capable of potty dance CAN
Change law or gambling could get us all heated up? GLOBALWARMING
Change over hands PAWS
Delight for mad cats? Yes! ECSTASY
Expression of joy could be the last HURRAH
Fish can be obtuse ANGLE
Get over Brexit rapidly or Kent's economic leaders lose their shirts GOBROKE
I go and call afresh, being reasonable LOGICAL
In speech I'd name an egg-laying mammal ECHIDNA
Insect's shell-like rug? EAR
Janitor finding joyrider around the middle of Leeds CARETAKER
Loyalty for Proust admitting penny dreadful SUPPORT
Man-made or plastic notes MEMORANDA
Mark a bit of headscarf SCAR
Meat provided by standard mother (one who overacts) PARMAHAM
Clues Answers
Nag daft wife and cause distress GNAW
Nap, then shower — editor's calm! RESTRAINED
Pair accepts ongoing army training to begin with for Thames battle BOATRACE
Pretend drug put down bog, in the main PLACEBO
Quiet order became smaller SHRANK
Reportedly go off bird TERN
School mums involved in reform ALMAMATER
See 2 CAN
See 22 WIG
Silly Superman ran out of froth SPUME
Step off around axis of sorts TYPES
Stop twerp undressing in part of castle TOWER
Trendy cool hat is childish INFANTILE
Trip from drug — mostly horrid time PILGRIMAGE
Unfairly blames husband for awkward gait SHAMBLE