The Washington Post - Aug 18 2019

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Clues Answers
'50s first lady MAMIE
'60s sitcom boy OPIE
'Ageless Body, Timeless Mind' author CHOPRA
'Ah, me!' ALAS
'Do Ya' rock gp ELO
'Don't worry about that, Mr. Gingrich'? ITSNOTHINGNEWT
'Poems are made by fools like me' poem TREES
'The Alien Simpsons' character? MARSBART
'Throw the __ Log On, Uncle John': P.D.Q. Bach madrigal parody YULE
'__ the fields we go ... ' OER
1970 World's Fair site OSAKA
1987 Costner role NESS
1995 court VIP ITO
Adjutant AIDE
AOL, e.g ISP
Arcade pioneer ATARI
Architect Saarinen EERO
Author Harte BRET
Bailiwicks AREAS
Become unhinged SNAP
Bedding LINEN
Big deal ADO
Big East team PITT
Big show EXPO
Big size, in a small way LGE
Biting ACERB
Bittersweet farewell SWANSONG
Bottom-feeding fish RAYS
Bridge toll unit AXLE
Buddhist spiritual text SUTRA
Bunk COT
Bygone New Zealand bird MOA
Cabinet dept. with an atom on its seal ENER
Cartoon flapper BOOP
Cartoonist Peter ARNO
Chamber groups TRIOS
Chinese culinary general TSO
Chip features RIDGES
Consuming, as time EATINGUP
Cosmetician Lauder ESTEE
Court loser's option APPEAL
Cousin of a clog SABOT
Crude gp.? OPEC
Curbside pickup places BUSSTOPS
Debt-heavy corp. takeover LBO
Defective phone download? BADAPPLET
Deg. for a writer MFA
Deprive of courage UNMAN
Desert trial NTEST
Does some tailoring HEMS
Doo-wop syllable SHA
Door fastener HASP
Dusk, to Donne EEN
École cousin LYCEE
Editorial 'let it stand' STET
Energy-saving tactic POWERCUT
Envy and others SINS
Évian water EAU
Ex-baseballer Martinez TINO
Exciting HEADY
Fill-in TEMP
Fine things? ARTS
Fisherman with pots EELER
Former PRIOR
Fuel storage structure WOODSHED
Gershwin's '__ Rhythm' IGOT
GI's furlough RNR
Clues Answers
Global extremity POLE
Graf rival SELES
High-tech debut of 1981 IBMPC
Judaic spiritual text TORAH
K follower MART
Large pub band? BARNONET
Last of seven, for many SATURDAY
Latin lover's word AMO
Less taxing EASIER
Like serious mistakes COSTLY
Links letters PGA
Low pitch BASS
Lulu PIP
Matchstick-removing game NIM
Materials on a king's palette? ROYALPAINT
Military chaplain SKYPILOT
Minute or moment lead-in INA
Miscellany OLIO
Mosque officials IMAMS
Name on toy vehicles since 1964 HESS
Naughty young athlete? SPORTSBRAT
Nervous habit NAILBITING
Not diluted much, if at all STRONG
Novel's screen version, e.g ADAPTATION
Obscenity cover-up BLEEP
Operatic chorus BRAVOS
Organic fuel PEAT
Origins ROOTS
Oxlike antelope GNU
Part of A.D ANNO
Pat on the back, maybe BURP
Peter the Great, e.g TSAR
Phillie Phanatic, for one MASCOT
Photos, say IMAGES
Place setting setting TABLETOP
Platform for Siri IOS
Put away for later STASH
Recesses NOOKS
Red analog BEET
Rollers on the road TRUCKS
RR stop STN
Secret Service agent's accessory EARPIECE
Showing shock AGASP
Singer Springfield DUSTY
Song syllable TRA
Stand in a studio EASEL
Stationer's stock PADS
Store employees CLERKS
Strategy using a heavily pine-tarred bat? STICKYBUNT
Syndicate CARTEL
Tedious SLOW
They may be driven CATTLE
Tiff about a checkup? HEALTHSPAT
Tiny golf course rental? SUBCOMPACTCART
Trounce, down south WHUP
UFO crew, in theory ETS
Under-the-sink assembly TRAP
Underworld society MAFIA
Vehicle with sliding doors VAN
Watery world? SEAPLANET
Whirlpool brand AMANA
Word of medical advice REST
WWII bomber __ Gay ENOLA
Yours, to Yvette ATOI
__ v. Wade ROE