Universal - Aug 18 2019

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Clues Answers
"30 Under 30" magazine FORBES
"Felt" a workout ACHED
"To ___ a Mockingbird" KILL
*One may teach English POOLSHARK
*Pheasants and such GAMEBIRDS
*Range finder? VOICECOACH
*X-ray device CATSCANNER
1984 vice presidential candidate Geraldine FERRARO
A spy may go by one ALIAS
Alicia Keys' label RCA
Allotment RATION
Amazon listing ITEM
At a distance AFAR
Baptism or marriage RITE
Bilbo Baggins, e.g HOBBIT
Blender maker OSTER
Buying time? SPREE
Camera letters after "D" SLR
Candy worn on a finger RINGPOP
City in central 34-Across AMES
Clued in AWARE
Computer that runs Mojave IMAC
Construction toy brand KNEX
Cookie with green creme MINTOREO
Dachshund doc VET
Denver-to-Albuquerque dir SSW
Did an expectant parent's task NAMED
Dresden's state SAXONY
Dutch beer AMSTEL
Effortlessness EASE
Exasperated words IMSODONE
Expensive commuter rail period PEAK
Film in which Margot Robbie plays a skater ITONYA
Flour holders SACKS
Food bank container CAN
Game show hosts, informally MCS
Gesturing performer MIME
Clues Answers
Holy Tibetan title LAMA
Hybrid utensil SPORK
Ibex's perch CRAG
Jeans go-with TEE
Key above %7E ESC
Langston Hughes' "Thank You, ___" MAAM
Like Jack Sprat's diet NOFAT
Like Zoe, among the "Baby Blues" kids OLDEST
Mario ___ 8 Deluxe KART
Multipurpose, say ... or a hint to the starred answers' starts INDOOROUTDOOR
Often-seeded breads RYES
Oliver's love in "Call Me by Your Name" ELIO
One poker chip, perhaps ANTE
One who recently said "I do" NEWBRIDE
Parking penalty FINE
People-eating giants OGRES
Perfume measure DRAM
Philly transit system SEPTA
Proposer's joint KNEE
Salty cheese FETA
Santa Monica and Chicago, for Route 66 ENDS
Shaggy ox YAK
Sleepers' eye covers MASKS
Slowpoke SNAIL
Some are self-guided TOURS
Sotomayor colleague ALITO
Square mile subdivision ACRE
State before Kansas, alphabetically IOWA
Stony faces? CLIFFS
Supreme Egyptian god AMENRA
Tampa Bay team, briefly BUCS
Tesla Model 3, e.g CLEANCAR
Volcanic cloud contents ASH
Washer cylinder DRUM
Whacked weeds HOED
Word after "flight" or "floor" PLAN