The Telegraph - GK CROSSWORD NO: 1,392 - Aug 4 2019

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Clues Answers
'The Day of the --', 1973 thriller film JACKAL
African country, capital Windhoek NAMIBIA
Barge that is sharp at both ends WHERRY
Bright-red Italian aperitif CAMPARI
Deadly disease of sheep and cattle ANTHRAX
Deed held by third party ESCROW
Desmond -- and the Aces, Jamaican group with the hit 'Israelites' in 1969 DEKKER
Dig up and bring to light UNEARTH
English courtier, navigator and poet, 1552-1618 WALTERRALEIGH
German romantic composer, 1813-83 RICHARDWAGNER
Give up a role or job RESIGN
Legendary bird that was able to carry off an elephant ROC
Mechanical horn KLAXON
Member of a nomadic Asiatic race under Attila HUN
Mother of John the Baptist ELIZABETH
Officer in charge of collection of revenues in parts of India TAHSILDAR
Clues Answers
Pale and sickly, lacking colour WAN
Preparing grass crop for baling HAYMAKING
Relatively inexpert batsman sent in to bat before close of play NIGHTWATCHMAN
Sheikhdom on west coast of Persian Gulf QATAR
Shockingly evil or wicked HEINOUS
Showy flower such as the ox-eye daisy CHRYSANTHEMUM
Signifying secret awareness KNOWING
Sir Salman --, author of 'Midnight's Children' RUSHDIE
Spirit made from sugarcane RUM
Strap for holding saddle on animal's back SURCINGLE
Suppress a rebellion or disorder QUELL
Tewkesbury's church, e.g. ABBEY
Verdant, covered in foliage LEAFY
With a series of clinking sounds JINGLY
Word from French for drunkenness IVRESSE
Young raggedly-dressed mischievous child URCHIN