L.A. Times Daily - Aug 17 2019

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Clues Answers
"Feels like" weather calculation HEATINDEX
"Firecracker" singer Lisa LOEB
"My Way" singer, 1998 USHER
"Red Rocks" city SEDONA
"Search me" IVENOIDEA
"The Red Turtle" genre ANIME
'60s-'70s crime drama THEFBI
1993 Kevin Kline title role DAVE
Animated queen NALA
Apart from the rest TOONESIDE
Area adjoining a bridge RADARROOM
Avila article LAS
Be a debtor of OWETO
Casual parting words TATAFORNOW
Catches sight of SETSEYESON
Close in films GLENN
Common epidemic factor CONTAGION
Conform with HEWTO
Cute but nerdy ADORKABLE
D-Day hot spot OMAHABEACH
Dogpatch name ABNER
DOJ branch ATF
Easy-to-read font ARIAL
Epic BIG
Fronded rainforest plants TREEFERNS
German idealism pioneer HEGEL
Gift from Prometheus FIRE
Go to seed ROT
Had too much ODED
Half a comedy duo MEARA
Hall of fame ANNIE
Hunk's pride BOD
Icelandic monetary unit KRONA
Inc. relative LLC
Clues Answers
Jimmy PRY
Joint component BONE
Libel or slander TORT
Make a pick OPT
Man cave, for some DEN
Match at the poker table SEE
Mend, in a way SEW
Not a source of support for ANTI
Not at all high SOBER
Onassis and others ARIS
One of the Big Five in Hollywood's Golden Age RKO
Online forgeries EMAILHOAXES
Org. awarded a Special Tony in 2016 NEA
Praises highly LAUDS
Research ctr INST
Retract, as words EAT
Self-taught people AUTODIDACTS
Service period STINT
Spruce NEAT
Start of many a romance DINNERDATE
System of belief CREDO
Threshing remains CHAFF
Title voice actor in "Puss in Boots" ANTONIOBANDERAS
United Federation of Planets service STARFLEET
Vermont tourist destinations INNS
Was loquacious RANON
Wavelike pattern MOIRE
Words after all or hole INONE
Work to acquire EARN
Wrap up END