Universal - Aug 16 2019

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Clues Answers
"... get what I mean?" YKNOW
"Boo'd Up" singer Ella MAI
"Help, we're sinking!" SOS
"I've ___ enough!" HAD
"Today" weatherman ALROKER
"___ Ado About Nothing" MUCH
*Ballpark figure (first 3 + last 3) ESTIMATE
*Celtics great Bird, to fans (first 2 + last 2) LARRYLEGEND
*Hit the gym (first 2 + last 4) EXERCISE
*Ready to go on stage (first 4 letters + last 2) INCOSTUME
*Seashore sculptures (first 2 + last 3) SANDCASTLES
14, to Flavia XIV
Abu Dhabi or Dubai EMIRATE
Actress Ward SELA
April boons, and a hint to the starred answers' indicated letters TAXBREAKS
Barely defeated EDGED
Bargain event at a gallery ARTSALE
City districts, slangily NABES
Critical hosp. area ICU
Deborah of "The King and I" KERR
December 24 or 31 EVE
Deep gorge CHASM
Desktops with Retina displays IMACS
Discus champion Al OERTER
DIY diagnostic aid TESTKIT
Downsides CONS
E. Germany, to residents DDR
Eaves dropper? ICICLE
Emotional injury TRAUMA
Enjoys sushi, say EATS
European alliance of three nations BENELUX
Filmed again RESHOT
Fish that cats like TUNA
Follower of Laozi TAOIST
Greek war god ARES
Guns, as an engine REVS
Clues Answers
Heavenly ANGELIC
How humblebraggers try to be MODEST
Humorous Ogden NASH
Husbands, in Jalisco ESPOSOS
In ___ (existing) ESSE
Inverse trig function ARCSINE
Jacob's twin ESAU
Judge (to be) DEEM
Lamborghini, e.g AUTO
Lioness' baby CUB
Mahershala of "Green Book" ALI
Mature, as a CD COMEDUE
Michelle of "Crazy Rich Asians" YEOH
Mileage meter prefix ODO
Mononymous "Parks and Recreation" actress RETTA
New York team METS
Online auction site EBAY
Poetic preposition ERE
Protest violently RIOT
Puerto ___ RICO
Pungent salad green CRESS
Reached a cost of RANTO
Sans intermission ONEACT
Scatter (about) STREW
Scientific instrument's display READOUT
Small recipe amt TSP
Sound systems STEREOS
Spanish for "egg" HUEVO
Subway fare, once TOKEN
Supplements ADDSTO
Supply-and-demand subj ECON
Synagogue speaker RABBI
Three-toed tree huggers SLOTHS
Timothee's "Call Me by Your Name" role ELIO
Trifling MERE
Upper-body martial arts hold ARMBAR
Woman's nickname hidden in "The View" EVIE