- Aug 16 2019

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Clues Answers
''American Idol'' ancestor AMATEURHOUR
''Iliad'' battleground TROY
''No problem!'' EASY
''Pinafore'' crew TARS
''Sign me up!'' IMIN
''We're here!'' ITSUS
34 Across, for instance IDIOM
Abolish ANNUL
Anagram of ''Sinatra'' ARTISAN
Antonym for inert ACTIVE
Argues for URGES
Arm: Fr BRAS
Axe to grind BEEF
Bona fide REAL
Camus contemporary SARTRE
Carson City neighbor RENO
Catches on SEES
Certain lab subject BIO
Charter member of 2 Down USA
Church ladies NUNS
Circumlocutory INDIRECT
Driller's designation DDS
Dunham of TV LENA
Émile's existence ETRE
Ending like -kin ETTE
Gloomy, to Keats DREAR
Green spots LEAS
High fashion label VERSACE
Ho Chi __ City MINH
Home's water deflector EAVE
Homeland Security org FEMA
Icy arenas RINKS
Icy hazard SKID
Jamaican tangelo UGLI
Largest Caribbean island CUBA
Low digits TOES
Clues Answers
Make right EMEND
McEntire of music REBA
Measure (out) METE
Modern greeting ECARD
New, in Nogales NUEVA
Not unsound VALID
One by one EACH
Outer limits EDGES
Part with teeth GEAR
Partridge cousin PHEASANT
Rare blood type, for short BNEG
Safe Toys and Gifts Mo DEC
Saint __ of Calcutta TERESA
Scene of a crime VENUE
Sch. founded by Jefferson UVA
Sector AREA
Send out EMIT
Shade close to almond ECRU
Sitarist Shankar RAVI
Small pickles GHERKINS
Staple of pirate fiction BURIEDTREASURE
Sunflower St KAN
Surrounded by AMIDST
Taqueria freebie SALSA
Thanksgiving date, by law FOURTHTHURSDAY
Time slot abbr TBA
Timeworn TRITE
Trawler's gear FISHNET
Tropical fruit, in Spain PINA
Very dark INKY
Warp-resistant wood TEAK
Well thought of ESTEEMED
What Ike led after WWII NATO
What the four longest answers have in common URUR
__ Féin (party of Ireland) SINN
__ Games (2018 Jakarta event) ASIAN