L.A. Times Daily - Aug 16 2019

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Clues Answers
"Strange ... " HOWODD
"That's not good" OHNO
"Xanadu" rock gp ELO
60 minuti ORA
About 2.2 lbs ONEKILO
Access charge USERFEE
AOL rival MSN
Bad impression DENT
Bashes GALAS
Basketball's three-point line, for one ARC
Blackjack dealer's attire? DECKPANTS
Bolt with great speed USAIN
Burden ONUS
Bygone Mideast sovereign SHAH
Canon model EOS
Capture SNARE
Congress, with "the" HILL
Corporate director's attire? BOARDSHORTS
Crude, as humor RIBALD
Deduce, with "out" SUSS
Disneyland's Main Street, __ USA
Do demons' work POSSESS
Don Corleone VITO
Equalizes EVENS
Figaro's hometown SEVILLE
Finished OVER
Floor KAYO
Floor support? YEA
Game involved in several Costner films BASEBALL
Gloss over ELIDE
Go along with ESCORT
Help during spelling WAND
Hockey gear SKATES
Israeli military hero DAYAN
It has strings attached APRON
It often follows an overture OPERA
Laughs gleefully CHORTLES
Clues Answers
Lead-in to X, Y or Z GEN
Leader who was painted by Warhol MAO
Like four midyear months RLESS
Like some volcanoes and military personnel ACTIVE
Madness LUNACY
Man, for one ISLE
Measured two-dimensionally INAREA
Midwestern hub OHARE
Must, informally GOTTA
Nordstrom competitor SAKS
Oodles ATON
Promise VOW
Railway inspector's attire? TRACKSHOES
Relied (on) for support, to a Brit LEANT
Roadside mechanic's attire? FLAREJEANS
San Jose skaters SHARKS
Sea-__ TAC
See 25-Across SHAW
Ship that survived the Clashing Rocks ARGO
Sleep disorder APNEA
Snapper rival TORO
Sticky stuff GOOP
Things to avoid DONTS
Toothpaste maker's attire? TUBESOCKS
Trip provider LSD
W competitor ELLE
West Bank gp PLO
Whistle blower COP
Wipe off ERASE
With 18-Down, '30s-'40s band leader ARTIE
Word containing three of itself ESSES
Word with jam or joint SESSION
Worked a party, briefly DJED
Writer born Herbert George HGWELLS
You might be shocked to meet one EEL
__ cake BUNDT
__ Point WEST