The Washington Post - Aug 15 2019

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Clues Answers
'Argo' setting IRAN
'Cheers' cheer NORM
'Furthermore ... ' ALSO
'Mommie Dearest' mommie CRAWFORD
'Oh, darn!' AWRATS
'Rubáiyát' poet Khayyám OMAR
'What fun!' WHEE
1997 chart-topper for Hanson MMMBOP
Ability to pick things up? ESP
Actor McShane and novelist McEwan IANS
Airport conveyance TRAM
Alumna bio word NEE
Astro or Angel ALER
Basic math homework SUMS
Beach party with shellfish CLAMBAKE
Bear hands PAWS
Boxing legend ALI
Buckwheat dish KASHA
Car radio button SEEK
Chi follower PSI
Chinese dish with pancakes MOOSHU
Come to a compromise ... and a homophonic hint to what each of four long answers contains MEETINTHEMIDDLE
Composure POISE
Crucifix letters INRI
Cut down to size ABASED
Dollhouse accessory TEASET
Draft card designation ONEA
Drawstring alternative TWISTTIE
E-cig user's package VAPORKIT
ER 'Now!' STAT
Fields of study AREAS
Fisher-Price parent MATTEL
Flows slowly SEEPS
Frank OPEN
Goblet part STEM
Gridiron play PASS
Hawaiian strings UKES
Heads off AVERTS
Clues Answers
Help the chef PREP
Inhumane one SADIST
Keats' 'Sylvan historian' URN
Kick to the next level AMPUP
Like some remarks SNIDE
Lyft or Uber APP
Makes fun of MOCKS
Married person SPOUSE
May, to Peter Parker AUNT
Melville's 'Typee' sequel OMOO
Merrie __ England OLDE
Morales of 'La Bamba' ESAI
More than apologizes ATONES
Music licensing fee-collecting org ASCAP
Mysterious glows AURAS
Need to pay OWE
Nickname for Haydn PAPA
North-of-the-border brand ESSO
Offspring SPAWN
One may be tied around a saddle horn ROPE
One of the four Evangelists STMARK
Org. with Canadiens and Canucks NHL
Outback hoppers ROOS
Painted Desert landform MESA
Picayune PETTY
Place for an apian colony HONEYBEEFARM
Playground retort ARESO
Poet St. Vincent Millay EDNA
Ranch critter STEER
Rollerball items PENS
Seafood delicacy ROE
Self-arming protection system PASSIVEALARM
Super star NOVA
Takes it easy LOLLS
Teutonic turndown NEIN
The whole lot ALL
Torah holder ARK