USA Today - Oct 12 2019

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Clues Answers
'Goodbye, Columbus' author Philip ROTH
'Got it' ISEE
'Skyscraper' singer Lovato DEMI
29-Down's cousin MESA
36-Across divs CTS
Alaskan city on Norton Sound NOME
App purchaser USER
Belly button, for 90% of us INNIE
Burn memento SCAR
Chart-topper HIT
Chocolate-yielding tree CACAO
Colleen's land, in poem ERIN
Craigslist entries ADS
Cruel first-century emperor NERO
Cryptologists' org NSA
Cupid's counterpart EROS
Demolition supply TNT
Distorted, as a rule BENT
Dutch dairy export EDAM
Female soldiers' org. until 1978 WAC
Footed the bill PAID
Fraidy cat's lack NERVE
Furniture chain for DIYers IKEA
Golden-coated horse PALOMINO
Grand Canyon formation BUTTE
Great bargain STEAL
Guitar god's fan, perhaps HEROWORSHIPER
Gymnast's landing spot MAT
Helpful connections INS
Home to most of Turkey ASIA
Innovator's spark IDEA
Iowa straw poll city, once AMES
John who explored North America CABOT
Lab assistant of moviedom IGOR
Like an overlook view SCENIC
Like fresh lettuce CRISP
Lots and lots AGREATDEAL
Magnet metal IRON
Makes a typo, say ERRS
Clues Answers
Mall tenant's agreement LEASE
Markka's replacement EURO
Marshmallow chicks PEEPS
Medicine man, e.g HEALER
Microsoft introduction of 1981 DOS
Mirrored bedroom item DRESSINGTABLE
Moorehead of 'Bewitched' AGNES
Mrs. Mike Pence KAREN
Nearly worthless coin SOU
Offshore drilling sites RIGS
Parkway division LANE
Past one's prime OLD
Place for an ICBM SILO
Place to hail a taxi CURB
Porgy's mate BESS
Pub crawler SOT
Puccini title role TOSCA
Ready to proceed SET
Revue segments SKITS
Riot squad weapon TASER
Seeks spare change BEGS
Show about drivers in the Arctic ICEROADTRUCKERS
Showy vine CLEMATIS
Signs of sadness TEARS
Skip town LEAVE
Slap with a summons CITE
Slow-pitch trajectory ARC
Sniper's asset AIM
Some four-legged pests RATS
Surgical insert STENT
Tex-Mex finger food TACO
Theocracy since 1979 IRAN
Toaster waffle brand EGGO
Toon seller of 32-Across ACME
Toy for young builders ERECTORSET
U.K. raincoat MAC
Unspecified persons ONES
Weak, as excuses go LAME
Wild shindig BASH