The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27430

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Clues Answers
Big tool a builder originally contrived for important bit of work OBBLIGATO
Bloke in gym upset over recent form of identification NAMEPLATE
Capital fellow digesting notice, full of bliss PARADISAL
Charge pounds to see musteline mammal RATEL
Circuit minister finally overcome by memorial notice ORBIT
Citizen’s “thing” about new copper by entrance to nick MANCUNIAN
Cool off by upper room reportedly in buff? FANATIC
Demonstration disc found in a church gallery ACETATE
Dodge bloke carrying extremely angular wooden slat DUCKBOARD
Fearfully anticipate being late securing runs DREAD
Furniture-maker finding love in a crowded complex CEDARWOOD
Highest grade of hotel in mountain area ALPHA
Ignorant over revolutionary crushed by a French king UNTUTORED
Ill-famed old port toured by other people? NOTORIOUS
Incompetent people initially taken in at home and abroad INEPT
Clues Answers
Justification for reversing, avoiding a head wind NOSER
Lack of spirit in second author’s first stage piece MONODRAMA
Make progress as Conservative member CLIMB
Modern Glaswegian woman with a way round northern police HQ new scotland yard
Muslim legal expert in plain clothes MUFTI
No-hoper’s note about first of songs in Evita non-person
Plaintive cry from male cat going about with queen WHIMPER
Played for each class — Elgar and Delius to begin with PERFORMED
Possible theatre pieces culminate in disc for distribution incidental music
Resort where I live surrounded by workers ANTIBES
Semi-divine spirit heard near a pond ultimately NAIAD
Social distinction of Liberal entertained by English queen, perhaps ECLAT
Some retired fella backing a conspiratorial group CABAL
Storyteller’s regret about supporting crook in desert RACONTEUR
Victorious boxer, say, taking tea with elected member CHAMP