Wall Street Journal - Aug 15 2019 - Sounding Board

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Clues Answers
“Great Scott!” YEGODS
“The Seagull” ingenue NINA
“Vega$” star URICH
1981 addition to the Windsor family tree DIANASPENCER
2019 phenomenon in California’s Anza-Borrego Desert State Park SUPERBLOOM
Aid for Uber drivers GPS
Alias intro AKA
Ankle-length vestment ALB
Apprehensive WARY
Aquarian event at Yasgur’s farm, and a hint to what’s formed by the circled letters WOODSTOCK
Arctic diver AUK
Atlas inset that may define forested areas MAPLEGEND
Author of the short story “Loss of Breath” POE
Ballpark official SCORER
Berkshire home STY
Bounty letters HMS
Bring under control REININ
Broad with billions ELI
Cavorted like deer in the forest PRANCEDAROUND
Circles overhead? HALOS
Closer to white PALER
Deck quartet TREYS
Defib settings ERS
Delilah to Victor’s Samson HEDY
Dojo degree DAN
Dress down SCOLD
Eavesdrop, say SPY
Empty talk GAS
Explanation for some tics, in brief OCD
Forest female DOE
Garlicky dish SCAMPI
Gentleman of Germany HERR
Good thing to pick up when studying abroad ACCENT
Gut feeling, perhaps ACHE
Hacks HEWS
He beat Hogan in the 1954 Masters SNEAD
He played De Niro’s brother in “Raging Bull” PESCI
Clues Answers
How to sell, idiomatically DEAR
ID thieves’ pickings SSNS
Item in a Starbucks stack LID
Large-scale ouster PURGE
Lift while lying BENCHPRESS
Line in statistics TREND
Mickelson beat him in the 2004 Masters ELS
Middle of the Alou brothers MATTY
Notable triumph COUP
Number of faces on a triacontahedron THIRTY
Outlaw BAN
Patron toasted with green beer STPAT
Pile of clothing? NAP
Pine Ridge people OGLALA
Planetarium depiction SKY
Power source that won’t work in the forest SOLARCHARGER
Row maker HOE
Ruth of “Rosemary’s Baby” GORDON
Second-tallest bird EMU
Serpent on a sarcophagus ASP
Shake off ELUDE
Shakers and Quakers SECTS
Some Steinbeck characters OKIES
Stand-up guy? COMIC
Statistic for a point guard ASSIST
Steaming IRATE
Steaming feeling WRATH
Sum up ADD
Ten generations of Cadillacs ELDORADOS
Time-wasting game, perhaps APP
Track figure ODDS
Twelfth sign PISCES
Upper hand EDGE
Versailles, e.g PALACE
Where you may see quite a few reps GYM
Wolf who mentors Mowgli AKELA