The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,279 - Aug 13 2019

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Clues Answers
A queen gets flag raised in African country ERITREA
Begin to understand magic GETCRACKING
Consistent Oxbridge class? UNIFORM
Drink second, but not last LATTE
Emperor again fiddled with unholy alliance? OPENMARRIAGE
Errors, those made in bakery BLOOMERS
German maestro cups vessel BRAHMS
Leave space RECESS
Menace -- weaver? LOOM
New line sure to involve black spray NEBULISER
Noble gas, so it, strangely, could be noble ARISTO
Old Indian city up in Amritsar, damaged MADRAS
Part of armour somewhere in Belgium once allowed GAUNTLET
Possible result of inflation, man in high spirits? BOUNCYCASTLE
Clues Answers
Regular payment retaining value in recession, spouse ultimately giving up work RETIREMENT
Revolutionary bound to cover up Catholic plot PARCEL
River breaks in rounding marsh, finally THAMES
Save millions in abridged text SCRIMP
Sharp line taken on funny money LEMONY
Sound as a bell to drink wine, showing off BOASTING
Strength equally established ASSET
Thrilling to catch cold! NAILBITING
Toss in drink for author TROLLOPE
Unappealing male in King Stephen, primarily CHARMLESS
Unexciting place to live FLAT
Vigilant around leader of battalion, a Canadian province ALBERTA
Waterproof container holding contents of soup, leaking originally CAGOULE