Wall Street Journal - Aug 14 2019 - Deconstruction

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Clues Answers
“Horatio, ___ do forget myself”: Hamlet ORI
“It’s Alright (I See Rainbows)” musician ONO
“The exact words were...” IQUOTE
“___ wish” (Westley’s line in “The Princess Bride”) ASYOU
Adjective target NOUN
Angel’s nightmare FLOP
App pop-ups ADS
Architectural Digest focus DECOR
Bass parts GILLS
Battery poles ANODES
Brandy barrel material OAK
Caribbean saint name LUCIA
Carrier from 1930 to 2001 TWA
Cast aspersions on Wall Street? DEMEANBUSINESS
Character in Progressive commercials FLO
City of western New York OLEAN
Earth, in combinations GEO
Elbow, say JOSTLE
Flight part RISER
For fear that LEST
Give up CEDE
Good, in Granada BUENO
Graduate exam ORAL
Harry’s rival at Hogwarts DRACO
Humdinger LULU
Impede ovulation? DELAYANEGG
Indistinct memory BLUR
Is for you? ARE
It may have a propeller BEANIE
Key for canceling ESC
Lunar lander in 1969 EAGLE
Many slam dancers PUNKS
Miata maker MAZDA
Middle of QED ERAT
Middle-school-aged Girl Scout CADETTE
Mineral with easily separated sheets MICA
Mocking comment JAB
Clues Answers
Moo ___ pork SHU
Musical conclusion CODA
Objectives ENDS
Oklahoma city named for a Tennyson character ENID
Plow pullers OXEN
Pre-1991 map abbr SSR
President Barham Salih, e.g IRAQI
Prized cigar CUBAN
Provider of overhead coverage BLIMP
Puts up ERECTS
Puzzled ATSEA
Qualified for the job ABLE
Reason for an NSFW warning NUDITY
Returnees from Mecca HAJIS
Rwanda native HUTU
Saw things? TEETH
Shipwright’s tool ADZE
Simian sidekick of “Aladdin” ABU
Sinuous fish EEL
Small seal SIGNET
Some marijuana dispensary buys EDIBLES
Soul-searching direction INWARD
Spray graffiti from coast to coast? DEFACETHENATION
Start of some trips LSD
Suffers the agony of defeat LOSES
Takes risks DARES
They’re under les chapeaux TETES
Tipsy types SOTS
Took cover HID
Top-shelf AONE
Uplift EDIFY
Vegas casino-hotel shaped like a pyramid LUXOR
View kaleidoscopes with loathing? DETESTPATTERNS
Warriors’ org NBA
Wedge-shaped inlet RIA
Weimaraner warning GRR
Work out the kinks at the Ocean Spray plant? DEBUGJUICE
You might get down from it EIDER