The New Yorker - Aug 12 2019

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Clues Answers
"Where the Sidewalk ___" (Shel Silverstein book) ENDS
"Would you look at that!" OOH
Airer of N.B.A. games TNT
Baby that won't sleep through the night OWLET
Bart's teacher EDNA
Beijing landmark that (despite its name) can be visited FORBIDDENCITY
Best-selling Adidas shoe model SAMBA
Bit of roadside assistance TOW
Blowout PARTY
BoSox rivals YANKS
Brand name briefly used by National Electric Vehicle Sweden SAAB
Character often lost in a crowd WALDO
Chop up MINCE
Cigar-box wood CEDAR
Clear (of) RID
Cloth used in mummification LINEN
Do for Hendrix AFRO
Doorbell answerers on lavish estates FOOTMEN
Eighties sitcom character who was over two hundred years old ALF
Enthralled AGOG
Fat cat at a table HIGHROLLER
Fibonacci-sequence starters ONES
Film set aboard the ship Nostromo ALIEN
Final word in the Book of Genesis EGYPT
Fleck who performs with the Flecktones BELA
Found in high places ALPINE
Grand Canyon carver COLORADO
Helmet decoration DECAL
Herbaceous plant used to make throat lozenges HOREHOUND
Hotel chain with the motto "Sleep cheap" REDROOFINN
Impossible-to-follow speech WORDSALAD
Ingredient once used in fat-free Pringles OLEAN
Its days are numbered MONTH
Clues Answers
Large quantity SLEW
Late-night talk-show fixture DESK
Long-term investment TBOND
Loud punch WHOP
Lunar effect TIDE
Lying, perhaps ABED
Make like APE
Maker of the POD vacuum ORECK
Morally degraded SORDID
Most retirees OLDSTERS
Navigator who first rounded the Cape of Good Hope DIAS
Openings at the hospital INCISIONS
Pacific surf spot MAUI
Palais Garnier show OPERA
Passing measures YARDS
Period pieces? EPOCHS
Put down WROTE
Quaint cry of disapproval FIE
Shockingly blatant INYOURFACE
Sotheby's signals NODS
Source of wool but not lanolin LLAMA
Stealthily pursues STALKS
Study of trees? GENEALOGY
They're seen around the joint GASKETS
Took in ATE
Top cover SHIRT
Torino's nation ITALIA
Unemployed barkers? COMPANIONDOGS
Unmitigated disaster TRAINWRECK
Walked over TROD
Was the agent of REPPED
Where people might see a lot of each other HALLOFMIRRORS
Wish undone RUE
Youngest sister in "Little Women" AMY