- Aug 11 2019

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Clues Answers
''Chummy'' couple EMS
''Ciao'' at a luau ALOHA
''Game of Thrones'' airer HBO
''Great blue'' birds HERONS
''Never mind'' marking STET
''Now __ talking!'' YOURE
''Saves the World'' guy on Netflix NYE
''The Thinker,'' for instance NUDE
''__-hoo!'' YOO
131 Clearance, for instance SALE
132 Kind of courtesy car LOANER
133 Timely benefit BOON
134 Arch support SOLE
135 Ignited LIT
A few SOME
Additional stipulations ANDS
Alpine aria YODEL
Apt rhyme for ''protein'' BEAN
As a rule USUALLY
Aural bounce-back ECHO
Be nosy PRY
Because of this, in legalese HEREAT
Black-and-white whale ORCA
Boston-area seafood SCROD
Carrier to Tel Aviv ELAL
Casio competitor TIMEX
Certain tuskers BOARS
Channel for NCAA games ESPNU
Chunk of gold NUGGET
Church based in SLC LDS
Club list ROSTER
Cohort PAL
Come to pass OCCUR
Common omelet ingredient ONION
Comprise ARE
Congenial WARM
Country singer Evans SARA
County near London ESSEX
Craft brewing product ALE
Dance club arrangement REMIX
Decelerate SLOW
Despicable one WORM
Did an imitation of APED
Disney head IGER
Double curve SSHAPE
Drop (out) OPT
Dude BRO
Email address punctuation DOTS
End of most Shakespearean sonnets RHYMINGCOUPLET
English horn cousin OBOE
Entourage, so to speak POSSE
Escort back SEEHOME
Fearsome fate DOOM
Feathered six-footer EMU
Feel bad about RUE
Felonious ignition ARSON
Flimsy, as excuses LAME
Form 1099 ID SSN
Fortify ENRICH
Found fish in a Pixar film DORY
From Cork or Kilkenny IRISH
Garments in ''The Lorax'' THNEEDS
Gershwin masterwork RHAPSODYINBLUE
Get promoted RISE
Hoof sound CLOP
Hot mess SNAFU
Hotshot pilots ACES
In reality ASITIS
It means ''height'' ACRO
Italian cheese ASIAGO
King: Lat REX
Kvetches MOANERS
Clues Answers
Laundry concerns SPOTS
Light cooking oil CANOLA
Like some table wines DRY
Melted chocolate, e.g GOO
Mickelson of golf PHIL
Mideast leader EMIR
More limited LESS
Most Oscar presenters STARS
Mr. Peanut wears one MONOCLE
Musical role for Madonna EVA
Mystery writer's award EDGAR
Narrow for a road TWOLANE
NASA affirmative AOK
Nile cruise sights RUINS
Nobelist nun TERESA
Novelist Brown DAN
Offshoot denomination SECT
Often-wet land SHORE
Oral canine CUSPID
Ore deposit VEIN
Part of a flight STAIR
Parts of a flight STEPS
Pays tribute to HONORS
PC alternative MAC
Poetic ''thataway'' YON
Poor mark DEE
Port southwest of Hamburg BREMEN
Prestigious postgraduate award RHODESSCHOLARSHIP
Prod to action INCITE
Puny poker pair TREYS
Put into some order SORT
Pyramid point APEX
Rank above maj LTCOL
Refrain syllables TRALA
Regarding ASFOR
Relinquish, with ''over'' HAND
Ring forth PEAL
RN workplaces ICUS
Sandwich shop DELI
Saw or seized CAUGHT
Send a text, say TYPE
Silver State city RENO
Small fraction of an ounce GRAM
Snoozy break SIESTA
Southern Mexican state OAXACA
Steakhouse cuts FILETS
Stipulation PROVISO
Strauss of jeans LEVI
Summon via beeper PAGE
Supreme folly IDIOCY
Surround en masse MOB
Swipe from ROB
Symbol of intrigue WEB
Take a spill FALL
Tennis tourney tie DEUCE
Took an 81 Across SLEPT
Trade show, for short EXPO
Traditional crusty dessert RHUBARBCOBBLER
TV schedule placeholder TBA
Two Triple Crown jockey ARCARO
Two-bar candy brand TWIX
Ukraine's capital KIEV
Validate, in a way SIGN
Victoria's husband ALBERT
Water polo team SEVEN
Wetland MARSH
What Michael Jordan can't part with COMB
Wield USE
Wrinkly citrus fruit UGLI
Writing, public speaking, etc RHETORICALARTS
Zilch NIL
__ B'rith BNAI