New York Times - Aug 9 2019

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Clues Answers
'Heavens to Betsy!' OHME
'If ... then' sort of thinker LOGICIAN
'Shoot!' HECK
'We've got the green light' ITSAGO
'Well, excu-u-use me!' HOWRUDE
'___ sorry ...' WERE
Actress Katherine of '27 Dresses' HEIGL
And others: Abbr ETAL
Beam RAY
Capturer of an unguarded remark HOTMIC
Carrier to Tokyo ANA
Cheese sometimes flavored with dill HAVARTI
Clear choice for auto buyers MOONROOF
Days of old YORE
Decays ROTS
Demesne ESTATE
Detests ABHORS
Do a school visit, in a way? SNORKEL
Emmy winner Falco EDIE
Engage in some P.D.A CANOODLE
English potato chip CRISP
Faux brother of a popular rock group RAMONE
Feebleness ANEMIA
Frustrating place to be stranded TARMAC
Gambling card game that up to 10 may comfortably play at once FARO
Gets carried away DRIFTS
Greek city visited by Paul before Athens BEREA
Handy item in the kitchen? OVENMITT
Hinder EMBAR
Illinois college town URBANA
Involve, as in controversy EMBROIL
Kept going and going WOREON
Clues Answers
Key of Mozart's 'Requiem' DMINOR
Kind of velocity in planetary physics ORBITAL
Latin 101 word AMAT
Like a cloudless night STARRY
Like the 101st Division AIRBORNE
Like well-connected investigative reporters, say LEAKEDTO
Midwest tribe IOWA
Monk's title DOM
Most common noble gas ARGON
One of the first artists to incorporate random chance ARP
Org. that penalizes carrying NBA
Places where people wear masks, for short ORS
Play favorites with PREFER
Private R&R METIME
Rare-earth element named after where it was discovered SCANDIUM
Single-___ PAYER
Sized up EYED
Skin care product CLEANSER
Some social media celebrities TWITTERATI
Some social media commenters TROLLS
Stick in a cabinet, say SWAB
Subj. of a 'Delayed' sign ETA
Subjects of tests for purity ORES
Terse response accepting responsibility IDID
The religiously unaffiliated NONES
The ___ Nugget (alliteratively named newspaper since 1897) NOME
Twerp SNOT
Unnerving look DEATHSTARE
Wall light SCONCE
What short sleeves leave BAREARMS
Wine aperitif KIR
Wipe out ERASE