Irish Times (Crosaire) - Aug 9 2019

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Clues Answers
14 across is a port from a former era HISTORICAL
A relative of Daisy's, with a Californian mother, gets 50% of lock-up premises in Clare CAMOMILE
American loud music gets to Rob - he's shaking in his boots AFRAID
Angry mob following graduate from Oxford for feeding the pandas BAMBOO
Anoint sick of the republic, for instance NATION
Ceramist removes item with blemish SCAR
College at the end of term in Arabian country has party for one going on The Missions COMMANDO
Commercial car worker loses the head with ill temper MERCANTILE
Convictions for putting erosive lead in skips HOPES
Director working with at least one of them in accounts CREDITOR
Doing the dealing, solicited from Building Society BUYING
Don't resist Nan from Bayonne OBEY
Famous wild ostrich roaming around island HISTORIC
For the builders, gas fitter lacks graft SITE
Clues Answers
Get twisted on cocktails at The Centre with cast TANGLE
Hard to watch amusingly with no mains UGLY
Holds onto every word from the definitive volume DICTIONARY
It's not on after institute gets wrong impression perhaps NOTION
Meditate over fragment of Nietzsche wisdom CHEW
No malice working in the pit COALMINE
Pays too much when all is said and done for firm linked to partners accommodating writers OVERCOMPENSATES
Picking over the bones of something can upset lawyer in Government NIBBLING
Poses with strategists dismissing targets SITS
Signed off the work of the architect DESIGN
Straight up - opposed to rambling article VERTICAL
System put in place to water down European capital overwhelmed violently in riot IRRIGATION
Those controlling the apps in buggies around mid-afternoon, love golf PROGRAMS
Those in half of 7 down missed deadline review to go into manuscript METALS