L.A. Times Daily - Aug 8 2019

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Clues Answers
"I kissed thee __ I killed thee": "Othello" ERE
"Kung Fu" actor Philip AHN
"Take that!" BOOYAH
"The Fountainhead" author Rand AYN
2016 Tony winner Leslie __ Jr ODOM
Adams of HBO's "Sharp Objects" AMY
Ambiguous response YESANDNO
Annual e-tail sale event CYBERMONDAY
Any of six classic Clue cards WEAPON
Apollo craft LUNARMODULE
Barely go (through) SEEP
Battle of Hastings combatants SAXONS
Big bird of myth ROC
Build up ACCRUE
Call someone by the wrong name, e.g ERR
Catch SEE
Catherine of "Best in Show" OHARA
Cheering word RAH
City on the Rhone LYONS
Decapod on a menu PRAWN
Dish cleaner SPONGE
Distrustful LEERY
E'en if THO
Expensive gift DIAMONDRING
Fathered SIRED
Folded snack TACO
Fortune rival INC
Good Grips gadget brand OXO
Govt. workplace watchdog OSHA
Ham it up EMOTE
Hightail it LAM
Hitch on the fly ELOPE
Iconic San Francisco transport CABLECAR
Ideal deck-shuffling goal ... and a hint to a hidden word, and how it appears, in the four other longest answers RANDOMORDER
Ideal place UTOPIA
Image problem, briefly BADPR
Japanese title of respect SAN
Like a bogey OVERPAR
Clues Answers
Like a favored project PET
Like much of Idaho RURAL
Like starfish RAYED
Like the Empire State Building ARTDECO
Log on to ACCESS
Manhattan liquor RYE
Mauna __ LOA
Muscat native OMANI
Nasty type MEANY
Navy letters USS
Old West wanted poster figure REWARDMONEY
Orthopedist's pic MRI
Outrage ANGER
Pops DAD
Presumed UFO crew ETS
Private aid prog NGO
Private teachers TUTORS
Put away HID
Raptor's grabber TALON
Recital bonus ENCORE
Romano cheese source EWE
Roofing pieces SLATES
Seized wheels REPO
Shelves for cooking RACKS
Shock, in a way TASE
Short SHY
Singer Fogelberg DAN
Sliced very thin SHAVED
Small change in a small bank PENNY
Soprano Fleming RENEE
Spot for a recliner DEN
Substantial SOLID
Tolkien creature ENT
Tot's perch KNEE
Transgression MISDEED
Trick-taking card game EUCHRE
Utah city on I-15 OREM
Water source TAP