New York Times - Aug 8 2019

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Clues Answers
'Buckle Up, Dummies' ad, e.g PSA
'I'd like another' ONEMORE
'Well, I'll be!' GEE
*Boo during a baseball game WILDPITCH
*Can components HIGHKICKS
*Ken, for one LOGICPUZZLE
*Tin has been in them since 1929 COMICSTRIPS
2/ FEB
843 acres, for New York's Central Park AREA
A fan (of) FOND
Angola's northern neighbor, once ZAIRE
Around 20%, typically TIP
Be dramatic? ACT
Cable news anchor Cabrera ANA
Campground sights RVS
Casualties of violent storms POWERLINES
Class for a physiology major, informally BIO
Climbing vegetables POLEBEANS
Close securely LATCH
Company with a for-profit foundation? AVON
Crawl (with) TEEM
Daily monotony GRIND
Discontinues ENDS
Family KIN
Figures calculated using crude estimates OILPRICES
Going rate PACE
Gondolier, maybe POLER
Hearts that don't beat very much? TREYS
Home of about 25% of U.N. member states ASIA
Implores BEGS
Improvisational style SCAT
Interlace MESH
Invited over for lunch, say HADIN
Its min. score is 120 LSAT
Jazzman Stan GETZ
Jon of Arizona politics KYL
José, to amigos PEPE
Clues Answers
L.P.G.A. great Lorena OCHOA
Law school class EVIDENCE
Law school class ETHICS
Lazy river transport TUBE
Letter that sounds like an expression of relief PSI
Letters on an N.L. Central cap STL
Lost one's standing? SAT
Member of Dubya's cabinet CONDI
Modern alternative to a garage sale EBAY
Motion pictures? OPART
Not dither OPT
Number one TOPSPOT
Object of veneration IDOL
One way to get help ASK
Org. with Huskies and Bulldogs NCAA
Out, of sorts ALIBI
Part of a notable 1993 breakup SLOVAKIA
Philistine-fighting king SAUL
Pianist Templeton ALEC
Place to grow some herbs SILL
Portable shade provider SUNHAT
Possible maker of a muddy footprint PAW
Prefix meaning 'height' ACRO
Princess whose brother is not a prince LEIA
Ricky's player on old TV DESI
Scholarship application fig GPA
See 60-Across TWICE
Show the highlights RECAP
Some parlor designs, informally TATS
Spanish feminine pronoun ELLA
Stickers in a plant store CACTI
Topping on a Hawaiian pizza HAM
Was first LED
Winner of five swimming gold medals at the 1988 Olympics MATTBIONDI
With 19-Across, reconsider ... or a hint to the starts of the five starred clues THINK
Zenith PEAK
___ de gallo PICO
___ tradition ORAL