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Clues Answers
$$$ spitter-outers ATMS
'Don't leave!' STAY
'Exile' New Age artist ENYA
'Makes sense now' ISEE
'Makes sense now' AAH
'My man!' BRO
'My man!' DUDE
'My treat!' ONME
'Platoon' war zone, in brief NAM
'Rules — rules' ARE
'— Na Na' SHA
'— the best of times ...' ITWAS
Action venue ARENA
Actress Donovan of 'Clueless' ELISA
Actress O'Shea TESSIE
Adoption of a cause ESPOUSAL
Agts.' cuts PCTS
Ancient Roman lower class PLEBS
Antarctic penguin ADELIE
Antifreeze compound GLYCEROL
Apt., e.g RES
Baldwin of 'Still Alice' ALEC
Bawl SOB
Begin to fail SLIDE
Black hole sucking in everything around it? GREEDYMATTER
Box in an opera house LOGE
Boxer Ali LAILA
Braininess SMARTS
Brake part PAD
Bruin Bobby ORR
Brunch quaff MIMOSA
Bugs bugger Fudd ELMER
By — of (owing to) DINT
Caspian Sea feeder URAL
Chitchat GAB
Cliff nest AERIE
Consumers USERS
Cosmic path ORBIT
Crustacean that's most active just before sunup? PREDAWNSHRIMP
Dadaist Jean ARP
Days of old YORE
Director Forman MILOS
Easily spread cheese BRIE
Elevate UPLIFT
Emanates ISSUES
Enticingly beautiful mugs? SEDUCTIONCUPS
Falco with four Emmys EDIE
Female title of respect MADAM
Figure skater Sonja HENIE
Former New York City mayor Rudy GIULIANI
Genuflects KNEELS
Given a hint CLUED
God, to Henri DIEU
Great risk PERIL
Having its petroleum imported, as a nation NONOIL
How distant stars shine DIMLY
Imbiber's hwy. offense DWI
Insolent SASSY
It blasts TNT
Just makes, with 'out' EKES
Kazan of filmdom ELIA
Lashes' base EYELID
Like clipped sheep SHORN
Lipstick units TUBES
Luau 'hello' ALOHA
Luau gift LEI
Maker of Galaxy phones SAMSUNG
Male title of respect SIR
Clues Answers
Map no RTE
Modify ALTER
Mollified EASED
Moor shrub HEATH
Most recent NEWEST
Mummify EMBALM
Narcissistic VAIN
Nick of 'Weeds' NOLTE
Ninnies DOPES
Norwegian money KRONE
Notion, in Nantes IDEE
Overplays it EMOTES
P.E. places GYMS
Peace Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
People lamenting WAILERS
Poet Doolittle who did all of her writing in her boudoir? BEDROOMHILDA
Poker entry fee BUYIN
Port on the Gulf of Mexico TAMPICO
Prefix with spore ENDO
Prefix with thermal ISO
Puck surface ICE
Put decorations on your phone, then dial someone's number? BEDECKANDCALL
Quirky habit TIC
Red-eyed songbirds VIREOS
Reno-to-L.A. dir SSE
Rocker Brian ENO
Roman 401 CDI
Salk of the Salk vaccine JONAS
See 87-Down CHEF
Shopping containers holding more sinful items? WICKEDERBASKETS
Shoved off LEFT
Silents star Bara THEDA
Singer Loggins KENNY
Smidgen TAD
Smug know-it-alls shoplift? PEDANTSPOCKET
Snowman in 'Frozen' OLAF
Soft leather sewn over fabric tears? SUEDEFORDAMAGES
Sounded like a cow MOOED
Source of bean curd SOY
Spearhead LEAD
Speck DOT
Steinbeck novella, with 'The' REDPONY
Subtract the cost of an adhesive roll? DEDUCTTAPE
Suffix with cook or mock ERY
Swizzle stick STIRRER
Tabby that's a national government's mascot? FEDERALCAT
Take — (swim or bathe) ADIP
Thousand: Prefix MILLI
Ticked by ELAPSED
Toni Braxton's '— My Heart' UNBREAK
Totally cover ENCASE
Transparent CLEAR
Trevor of 'The Daily Show' NOAH
University in North Carolina ELON
Uno tripled TRE
Urged (on) EGGED
Use a fan on AIRCOOL
Verdi opera OTELLO
Via automobile BYCAR
Viewpoint ANGLE
Warrant ENABLE
Wearing a fancy crown TIARAED
White-rayed flower DAISY
Wine stopper CORK
With 4-Down, cooking reality series TOP
Worker filling a cargo hold, say LADER
Yank who wore #13 AROD
— vu DEJA