USA Today - Aug 6 2019

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Clues Answers
'@#$%!,' in comics OATH
'Adam Bede' author George ELIOT
'Can't argue with that' TRUE
'It's all yours!' HERE
'See ya!' BYE
Amazon or Google DOTCOM
App annoyances ADS
Astronomers' charts STARMAPS
Baldwin who lampoons Trump ALEC
Bathtub residue RING
Beachcomber's find SHELL
Bibb buy HEAD
Big-hearted KIND
Blowout victories ROMPS
Book with a big spine TOME
Bracket shapes ELLS
Bubble wrap sound POP
Cat or T. rex, in Monopoly TOKEN
Cheese in puff pastries BRIE
Crowd-sourced review site YELP
Current running with the wind LEETIDE
Deals with jet lag, perhaps NAPS
Drum used by Santana CONGA
Fight, but not for keeps SPAR
Folds in skirts DARTS
Fruit poached in red wine PEAR
Gel-yielding plant ALOE
German sausage, for short BRAT
Give one's two cents OPINE
Grand ___ Opry OLE
Grin from ear to ear BEAM
Hangs on the line DRIES
Harmless slitherer GARTERSNAKE
Have a hearty laugh ROAR
Having what it takes ABLE
Hendrix at Woodstock JIMI
How to play solitaire ALONE
Jeans line SEAM
Kegger costume TOGA
Clues Answers
Late hours, in promos NITE
Lawn party rental TENT
Like King novels EERIE
Long lock TRESS
Make confetti of SHRED
Makes a mess of things ERRS
Makes a mistake, with 'up' TRIPS
McEntire with a sitcom REBA
Med. group with copays HMO
Movie with gunslingers OATER
Object of Indy's quest ARK
Part of a tall cake TIER
Paternity suit procedures DNATESTS
Picnickers' worry RAIN
Pilates class accessory MAT
Place to cybershop EMALL
Places for germination SEEDBEDS
Places for mud baths SPAS
Prima donna's delivery ARIA
Publicist's distortion SPIN
Quick golf outing NINE
Recruitment poster word JOIN
Remove grime from LAUNDER
Repetitive way to learn BYROTE
Roaring Twenties, e.g DECADE
Sales report diagram GRAPH
Sewer line penetrator, perhaps TREEROOT
Small, hopping rodent KANGAROORAT
Some Dunkin' employees BAKERS
Some square dancers GALS
Sonic Dash game company SEGA
Sprinters' assignments LANES
Starbucks topper LID
Times gone by YORE
Tool in a backyard shed GARDENRAKE
Wolf of the west LOBO
Woman's dress-shoe feature SPIKEDHEEL
You're filling one in GRID
Zodiac opener ARIES