Universal - Aug 6 2019

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Clues Answers
"I hear you, but it's not happening" YEAHNO
"Log" for raisin "ants" CELERY
"Sweetie" MYDEAR
A, to Angelina UNA
As yet TONOW
Avoids SHUNS
Bead counters ABACI
Berry bowl berry ACAI
Boston College's NCAA div ACC
Boxing legend Mike TYSON
Cardiff residents WELSH
Cars at charging stations TESLAS
Check (off) TICK
Chip away at ERODE
Christmas drink NOG
Classic song, say OLPEBUTGOOPE
Crystal ball, for one ORB
Deadly snake's warning RATTLE
Diplomats in NYC, perhaps UNREPS
Earlier in time AGO
Electric guitar birches ALDERS
End of a scandal? GATE
Flexible position? ASANA
Former petroleum company based in El Segundo UNOCAL
Great Plains tent (var.) TEEPEE
Hatred ODIUM
Have a lofty goal ASPIRE
Hawaiian pizza meat HAM
Indigenous Kiwi MAORI
Instrument with pedals ORGAN
Its members are often told when to applaud STUPOAUPENCE
Lawn material SOD
Lemony Snicket villain Squalor ESME
Lisa Ling's channel CNN
Lit parties RAGERS
Meteor in an annual shower LEONID
Clues Answers
Miscalculate ERR
Modernist Chagall MARC
New ___, India DELHI
Nonsense jazz singing SCAT
Ocean Spray flavor prefix CRAN
Old soda NEHI
One may say "Clean your room!" MOM
Outdoors store REI
Ph.D. students' jobs, often TAS
Placed in a silo, e.g STORED
Plants in a prickly garden CACTI
Playground insistence ARESO
Put into office ELECT
Quagmire MARSH
Reformer ___ B. Anthony SUSAN
Rollover ___ IRA
Romance novelist Roberts NORA
Salon liquid DYE
Samoyed's white coat FUR
Secret rendezvous TRYST
Serious troubles ILLS
Signed INKED
Sit-ins and such CIVILPSOBEPENCE
Smoky soup legumes, or a phonetic and visual hint to interpreting two letters in 7-, 10- and 21-Down SPLITPEAS
Surveillance system, briefly CCTV
Tearful WEEPY
Thai or Vietnamese ASIAN
Tiny bit TITTLE
Tweaked, as crossword clues EDITED
Twist together ENTWINE
Water in the Seine EAU
Weirdly spooky EERIE
Where some NBA teams beat the Heat MIAMI
Word after "fog" or "ice" MACHINE
You may skip one on a lake STONE
___ cake (fried fair treat) FUNNEL
___ O's (black-and-white cereal) OREO