New York Times - Aug 6 2019

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Clues Answers
'Come on, things aren't so bad' CHEERUP
'I got it! I got it!' OHOH
'___ seen worse' IVE
1963 Bobby Vinton hit ... or a hint to both halves of 18-, 23-, 37- and 54-Across BLUEONBLUE
A dependent one might start with 'that' CLAUSE
A.M.A. members DRS
Actor Dennis or Randy QUAID
Actress Chaplin of 53-Across OONA
Avoid the clutches of EVADE
Ballet leap JETE
Banter jokingly JOSH
Best-selling Steely Dan album AJA
Big galoot LUG
Bottom coat? BABYPOWDER
British rule over India, once RAJ
Bygone kind of tape VHS
Cincinnati sluggers REDS
Co-conspirator with Brutus and Cassius CASCA
Co-workers of TV's Don Draper ADMEN
Coagulates HARDENS
Defeated by a hair EDGED
Drill bit alloy COBALTSTEEL
Early nuclear org AEC
Esther of 'Good Times' ROLLE
Fill with cargo LADE
Fired AXED
Focusing aid LENS
Good name for a girl born on December 24? EVE
Guitarist Barrett SYD
Habitat for a walrus ARCTICOCEAN
Had people over for dinner, say HOSTED
Home of Anne of Green Gables AVONLEA
How one's much-loved nephew might be treated ASASON
Its motto, translated from Latin, is 'If you wish for peace, prepare for war' ROYALNAVY
Jacket material TWEED
Leader of Athens? ALPHA
Like LPs and some dresses SLEEVED
Like the numbers 8, 27 and 64 CUBIC
Clues Answers
Like wedding cakes, typically TIERED
Limousine TOWNCAR
Litter noises MEWS
Locale of the anvil and stirrup EAR
Low island CAY
Means of surveillance, for short CCTV
Messed with, with 'around' JERKED
Old Nissan autos DATSUNS
Outside: Prefix ECTO
Part of a biblical citation VERSE
Periscope site SUB
Pioneering personal computers COMPAQS
Posh neighborhood of London or New York CHELSEA
Problem in an old wooden building DRYROT
Put on a pedestal ELEVATE
Reprimand to a dog BAD
Slack-jawed emotion AWE
Slammer PEN
Something that may be used before a blessing KLEENEX
Something to believe in CAUSE
Spending jags SPREES
Spirit ELAN
Spirited steed ARAB
Sports org. that plays in the winter NHL
Struck out DELETED
Superlative ending with grass or glass IEST
Surgeons' subj ANAT
Thriller set around Amity Island JAWS
TV show set in Westeros, for short GOT
Unit of measure with the same Latin origin as 'inch' OUNCE
Unlike most physicians' handwriting, stereotypically LEGIBLE
Untouched, as an artifact INSITU
What's standard, with 'the' USUAL
Whence the Three Wise Men, with 'the' EAST
Word before and after 'à' VIS
YouTube upload VIDEO
___ breve ALLA