Irish Times (Crosaire) - Aug 5 2019

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Clues Answers
A feather in one's cap finishing off claret PLUM
Bit of a yarn about football is close to the bone LIGAMENT
Both sides of the peppered steak for one of the widows going on ahead? PEAK
Call over copper from America offering method of reasoning CALCULUS
Couple of views in The Observer? EYEWITNESS
Disguise headless ghost or dwarf OVERSHADOW
Dog track? FOLLOW
Drifted from area in European city towards bad end ROAMED
Ease off the sea miles and get into shape SLIM
In a stew all over north Africa, as two sets of military takeovers both lack power COUSCOUS
Included in formulae developed setting up work in the drugs trade DEAL
Is winging it, as figurehead is not telling the truth FLYING
Larks in a wild island country SRILANKA
Clues Answers
Most of the squabble occupying popular producer's composition is typical of what you get with The Gate IRONWORK
New sauce in salad is cause of annoyance NUISANCE
Oh, sounds like it's in the tent OXYGEN
On the radio, composer with One Direction produced the records LISTS
Open letter dismisses plot, of course ENTREE
Organic material in a number of researchers' fields studied by chemists and physicists NATURALSCIENCES
Plant opens very early, ripens and produces cosmetic ingredient ALOEVERA
Present from Ring, for example? ONHAND
Settle down with trendy comedian needing no introduction COOLIT
Small tiny port consumed in brew produced in the garden SWEETPEA
Sounds like advice to the jockey to postpone retirement STAYUP
Spot found within the cardiac region ACRE
The essence of what's locked up in decrepit household PITH
The proceeds of risible bread-maker? Anyone rolling out their own dough will get this! FUNNYMONEY