New York Times - Aug 5 2019

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Clues Answers
'Ciao' LATER
'E' on a gas gauge EMPTY
'For ___ waves of grain' (line in 'America the Beautiful') AMBER
'How was ___ know?' ITO
'V for Vendetta' actor Stephen REA
'___ me' ('Go along with it') HUMOR
2006 Matt Damon spy film THEGOODSHEPHERD
2012 Best Picture winner set in Iran ARGO
3:1 or 4:1, e.g ODDS
Actress Kendrick ANNA
Air-punching pugilist SHADOWBOXER
Arthur with a stadium named after him ASHE
Barrister's headgear WIG
Be overrun (with) TEEM
Best effort, informally AGAME
Biggest bear in 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' PAPA
Bill in a tip jar ONE
Bracelet securer CLASP
Bus. concern CORP
Chopped down HEWN
Colorful flower with a 'face' PANSY
Common ankle injury SPRAIN
Contagious viral infection POX
Cribbage scorekeepers PEGS
Cross ___ with PATHS
Drunkard SOT
Elderly AGED
Electric guitar accessory AMP
Feeling fluish, in a way ACHY
Fills, as tile joints GROUTS
First appearance, as of symptoms ONSET
Flowers on trellises ROSES
Garden munchkin GNOME
Gemstone measure CARAT
Grind, as teeth GNASH
Group in a play CAST
Helper during taxing times, for short? CPA
Horace, as a poet ODIST
Is indebted to OWES
Clues Answers
Jimmy (open) PRY
Kind of toy that moves when you turn a key WINDUP
Large, scholarly book TOME
Lecturer's implement with a light at the end LASERPOINTER
Letter after sigma TAU
Littlest ones in litters RUNTS
Manage, as a bar TEND
Manipulate USE
Marry WED
Measure of light's brightness LUMEN
Nap south of the border SIESTA
Pampering places SPAS
Persian Gulf country, for short UAE
Place with beakers and Bunsen burners CHEMISTRYLAB
Plasterwork backing LATH
Plural 'is' ARE
Poke fun at RIB
Popular yoga pose ... or a literal hint to the ends of 3-, 7-, 9- and 21-Down DOWNWARDDOG
Pre-snap powwow HUDDLE
Pump or oxford SHOE
Redeem, as a savings bond CASHIN
Scrub vigorously SCOUR
Semiaquatic salamanders NEWTS
Side-to-side nautical movement YAW
Slangy 'sweetheart' BAE
Smidgen IOTA
Song sung on Sunday HYMN
Superior beef grade PRIME
Talked back to with 'tude SASSED
The 'U' in I.C.U UNIT
They're mined and refined ORES
Toronto N.H.L. team, for short LEAFS
Triceps location ARM
Uncommonly perceptive ASTUTE
Unreturned tennis serve ACE
Water swirl EDDY
What 'woof' or 'meow' may mean FEEDME
Withstands ABIDES
___ the Man (old baseball nickname) STAN