The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1410

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Clues Answers
Asian girl in W African republic, briefly BENGALI
Back Queen, being of greater severity STERNER
Bad time, having to leap around this summit HILLTOP
Dash up with chap’s cocktail SIDECAR
Day one’s pressure group gets fulfilment SATISFACTION
Depressing, union leader blowing top after party DISCOURAGING
Determined group SET
Drowsy agent outside shelter SLEEPY
Larger-sounding utensil for shredding cheese? GRATER
Listen in secretly, tumbling over spade EAVESDROP
Locates unusual description of model? to scale
Loud shouting from one imprisoned by beak? NOISE
Off-the-cuff claim to be on time at university IMPROMPTU
Clues Answers
Old man practising theft — going to pieces! 9) PANICKING
Plant originally raised in marshy land FERN
Politician protected by first-class defence ALIBI
Pompous fool like Tiberius, ultimately ASS
Quick-witted character on the staff SHARP
Reverberation in City house ECHO
Row about doctor’s deal TIMBER
Runner starts to sprint, keeping improving SKI
Salesman delivering corded fabric? REP
Scam involving rent? Not on! rip-off
Some evil lag exploiting rural community VILLAGE
Strengthening device left in holiday site CLAMP
Wet British weather initially irritating an East European UKRAINIAN