The Washington Post - Aug 4 2019

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Clues Answers
'American Psycho' author __ Easton Ellis BRET
'Casino' co-star DENIRO
'Frozen Fever' queen ELSA
'Hmm ... doubt it' UHNO
'Hold on a sec,' in texts BRB
'I'm good with it' SUITSME
'Mae West Lips Sofa' sculptor DALI
'Now I remember' OHYEAH
'Ozark' or 'Fargo' DRAMA
'Somebody That I Used to Know' singer GOTYE
'Sweet Love' R&B singer ANITABAKER
'The Matrix' role NEO
'The Princess and the Frog' princess TIANA
'Well done, sista!' ATTAGIRL
'You don't have to remind me' IKNOWIT
'You don't have to remind me' IMAWARE
105-Across output ARTE
AA flying rival UAL
Acknowledges the applause TAKESABOW
Addis __ University ABABA
Ancient France GAUL
Annual Arizona football game FIESTABOWL
Asian fusion restaurant chain NOBU
Bar code? LAW
Bar worker: Abbr ATTY
Beat consistently OWN
Become defunct DIE
Big ball of energy SUN
Big name in women's apparel ANNTAYLOR
Bow-toting god EROS
Canasta play MELD
Cause of some nodding BORE
Challenge in court OBJECT
Chocolat chaud need LAIT
Cigna rival AETNA
City near 66-Down OJAI
Consternation DISMAY
Crazy Taxi publisher SEGA
Cry at a shearing BAA
Deli order BLT
Delicate trinket BIJOU
Domed Asian shelters YURTS
Drone, e.g BEE
Dryer unit LOAD
Dwarf wearing specs DOC
Early life stage LARVA
European pear ANJOU
Food since the Han Dynasty TOFU
Fourth-down play PUNT
Game designer Rubik ERNO
Genre from Mississippi DELTABLUES
Glad offering TRASHBAG
Goose that sometimes nests in lava fields NENE
Grammy winner Turner TINA
Hacker's coup DATABREACH
Haka dancers MAORI
Have the nerve DARE
Heart rhythm manager BETABLOCKER
Hickok's last hand, reportedly ACESUP
Humble LOWLY
Humiliate ABASE
Inbox pileup EMAIL
Instruction Alice followed EATME
Island off Tuscany ELBA
It has colorful suspects CLUE
Jacuzzi feature JET
Job for Sam Spade CASE
Knock response WHOSTHERE
Language in the Tai family LAO
Lee whom nobody doesn't like SARA
Clues Answers
Lies for, maybe ABETS
Like ripe mangoes JUICY
Locks up? HAIR
Long tale SAGA
Love in Spain AMOR
Lunar path ORBIT
Made level, with 'up' TRUED
Mirror Pond product ALE
Modifies to fit ADAPTS
Molokai memento LEI
Movement in Brahms' Serenade No. 1 MINUET
Multi-platinum Steely Dan album AJA
Nana and Toto PETDOGS
NFL Network analyst Michael __ IRVIN
Nubian Museum city ASWAN
On an even keel BALANCED
Orchestra pitch setter OBOE
Org. with the slogan 'No More Victims' MADD
Ping producer SONAR
Piques, as an appetite WHETS
Plead with BEG
Present HERE
Presidential moniker HONESTABE
Pretended to be APED
Prime minister after Major BLAIR
Pro __ RATA
Prompts URGES
Punic Wars fighters ROMANS
Put a Singer to work SEW
Quito's land: Abbr ECUA
Rapid-fire SPEEDY
Remote battery AAA
Rodeo mount BRONC
Run-D.M.C.'s 'You Be __' ILLIN
Sat at a light IDLED
Sausage at tailgate parties BEERBRAT
Saves, with 'away' SALTS
Sched. uncertainty TBD
Sentence fragment PHRASE
Ski resort hangout LODGE
Some S&L plans IRAS
Something flipped after a walk-off home run ... and in the nine longest Down answers BAT
St. Peter's Basilica sculpture PIETA
State since 1846 IOWA
Streamed, perhaps ONTV
Summer hrs. in Buffalo EDT
Sun. delivery SER
SunTrust Park player ATLANTABRAVE
Sweetly, to Salieri DOLCE
Swinton of 'Burn After Reading' TILDA
Texas school, informally AANDM
Thai chili sauce SRIRACHA
Theater group AUDIENCE
Throat lozenge TROCHE
Thunder god THOR
Track tie DEADHEAT
Tributes in verse ODES
Two-time NBA Finals MVP BRYANT
Type of sale CLEARANCE
Unbearably confident COCKSURE
University of California city SANTABARBARA
Washington port TACOMA
Winner at Gettysburg MEADE
Withdrawal site ATM
Yellow Teletubby with a curly antenna LAALAA
Yemen's principal port ADEN
Young Darth ANI
__ chi TAI
__ Khan KUBLAI