New York Times - Aug 4 2019

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Clues Answers
'From my standpoint ...' ASISEEIT
'GoodFellas' co-star RAYLIOTTA
'High-five!' UPTOP
'Je t'___' AIME
'Little Women' sister BETH
'My Gal ___' SAL
'Toodle-oo!' TATA
'You'll ___ for this!' PAY
'___ longa, vita brevis' ARS
54-Down genre SCIFI
A doctor might check them VITALS
A in physics AMPERE
Admirer's words IMAFAN
Advertising claim that usually has a catch FREE
Animal with a flexible snout TAPIR
Any nonzero number to the zeroth power ONE
Approximately ORSO
Artillery ORDNANCE
Audio engineer's device PREAMP
Automotive initialism BMW
Bitter ACRID
Brings from outside with great effort LUGSIN
Bygone N.Y.C. punk club CBGB
Change to the Constitution first proposed in 1921, for short ERA
Chess gambit employed by gangster Tony Montana? SCARFACESACRIFICE
Church toppers SPIRES
Claims that Louis XIV's palace is better than all the other buildings in France combined? OVERSELLSVERSAILLES
Claude ___, villain in 'The Hunchback of Notre-Dame' FROLLO
Completely destroy TRASH
Confuse 'stem' with 'stern,' e.g MISREAD
Craft in a close encounter UFO
Culmination APEX
Currency with a 'zone' EURO
Debonair RAKISH
Deduce INFER
Doomed to fail, for short DOA
English novelist McEwan IAN
Extra couple of numbers? ENCORE
Figures out GETS
Finds hilarious, perhaps ROARSAT
Friend of Athos and Porthos ARAMIS
Full-bodied Argentine wines MALBECS
Genre for 'Rush Hour' and 'Lethal Weapon' BUDDYCOP
Gives the nod ASSENTS
Groups of stars CASTS
Half-man/half-goat FAUN
Hammer part PEEN
Has because of OWESTO
Icelandic literary work EDDA
In the middle of, old-style TWIXT
Inc. relative LTD
Increase MOUNT
Informer STOOLIE
Invite out for ASKTO
It's a blessing SALUD
Kerfuffle ADO
Key in a corner ESC
La-la interval OCTAVE
Large wardrobe ARMOIRE
Last innings, typically NINTHS
Like Cinderella's stepsisters UGLY
Like tennis player Anna Smashnova's name APT
Louis XIV, e.g ROI
Melodic opera passages ARIOSI
Clues Answers
Member of the Be Sharps, Homer Simpson's barbershop quartet APU
Menaces to Indiana Jones ASPS
Mobile home not much seen nowadays TEPEE
Most brave STOUTEST
Most exorbitant STEEPEST
Motorcade head ESCORT
Nickname for the capital of the Peach State HOTLANTA
Not tread lightly PLOD
Old game console, for short NES
Olympic powerhouse in boxing CUBA
Onetime fad item with replacement seeds CHIAPET
Oversupplies GLUTS
Pack rat STORER
Parishioner's offering TITHE
Person who helps with a crash, informally ITPRO
Pioneering silent director Weber LOIS
Portmanteau for a TV addict VIDIOT
Really big show EXPO
Relative of a guinea pig AGOUTI
Says 'Quack' instead of 'Buzz'? MISQUOTESMOSQUITOES
See 6-Across HOUSE
Separate DETACH
Shopping binge SPREE
Showing more craft CAGIER
Side in checkers RED
Sierra ___ LEONE
Sign of theatrical success SRO
Single squat or crunch REP
Site of a 1920s renaissance HARLEM
Small goofs FLUFFS
Smear in print LIBEL
Socializes (with) HANGS
Some deals from dealerships LEASES
Some Dior dresses ALINES
Something a new parent might take LEAVE
Songs to be played at a concert SETLIST
Source of hand-me-downs ELDEST
South, in Brazil SUL
Start to type? STEREO
Subject of a fund-raiser CHARITY
Tables in an Old West saloon, e.g.? FRONTIERFURNITURE
Target number QUOTA
Tea treats SCONES
Tempe sch ASU
Tender feelings ACHES
Texted question to someone who hasn't shown up yet ETA
The 'A' of BART AREA
The band Ben Folds Five, oddly TRIO
The stuff of legends LORE
Thelma's road trip partner LOUISE
Things that may be kicked HABITS
Together ASAUNIT
Took shots FILMED
Trig ratios COTANS
Unloading sign FORSALE
User of the Twitter handle @Pontifex POPE
Verse, quaintly POESY
Where a tunnel opens END
With 105-Across, 'What walks on four dino legs in the morning, four dino legs at noon and four dino legs in the evening?' and other riddles? BRONTOSAURUS
With 20-Across, fire the whole staff CLEAN
Word often said with a drawn-out 'e' sound PLEASE
___ to go RARING
___-compliant ADA