The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 3,013 - Jul 21 2019

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Clues Answers
Area in church, part perhaps extended APSE
As is a less stimulating cup defeat, faced in a bad way DECAFFEINATED
Awful experience with dark horse NIGHTMARE
Bully taking battle-axe around head of opponent DRAGOON
Bunk or beds I strip DISROBE
Choral piece starts from music of the Eighties, tragically MOTET
Crossword writer's job disappearing over the horizon! SETTING
Divers coming up, one's a seabird SKUA
Force isn't weak FAINT
Gosh, it was meant to be: a Mediterranean island! CORSICA
Ice ball with hardened coating SORBET
Joke finished, laugh CRACKUP
Keen to get under catch, very anxious NAILBITING
Morning sickness good in George III's house HANGOVER
Clues Answers
Name for a bicycle coined? PENNYFARTHING
Old Scottish landowner putting one article inside another THANE
Plain English required in deciphering of integers SERENGETI
Prison officers, staff on board ship SCREWS
Reproduction of steel car, most distinct CLEAREST
Respond to all points covered by extreme characters in anger ANSWER
Revolting sweet, it's suggested? UNSAVOURY
Seed: relative burying one GRAIN
Still unsure where to look for helicopter, for example? UPINTHEAIR
Stir cereal as putting in black vegetable CALABRESE
Time difficult to perceive then? MINUTE
Tooth end repaired exactly when agreed ONTHEDOT
Typical example ending in Bible, good book EPITOME
Uncertain guarantee protects European Community INSECURE