The Washington Post - Aug 3 2019

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Clues Answers
'Houses of Parliament' series painter MONET
'In the Heat of the Night' detective TIBBS
'The Howdy Doody Show' cry adopted by '60s California surfers COWABUNGA
'Yeah, right!' HAH
Alpes features MONTS
Ancient provincial governor SATRAP
Anticipate PLANON
Antonio's 'Evita' role CHE
Arms treaty subj NTEST
Biblical preposition UNTO
Big heart ACE
British breakfast dish with an onomatopoeic name BUBBLEANDSQUEAK
Calculating bunch? MATHTEAM
Coast Guard pickup SOS
Coding logic word ELSE
Color similar to turquoise TEAL
Colorful quartz AGATE
Combine UNITE
Combine BLEND
Conceived, with 'up' DREAMT
Cork's home EIRE
Creates MAKES
Cut back TRIM
Detach, as some jewelry UNCLIP
Drug in the film 'Love & Other Drugs' VIAGRA
Echolocation users BATS
Fade EBB
Fencing option SABER
Food rich in manganese OATS
Gift recipient DONEE
Hangs on a rack DRIES
Headlining a music festival, say UPLAST
Helvetica cousin ARIAL
Home of Queen Beatrix International Airport ARUBA
Clues Answers
How horses may run during warmups ATACANTER
It has paths for runners BASEBALLDIAMOND
It may break on sand WAVE
Jackie's designer OLEG
Jay Gatsby's love DAISY
Kate of 'House of Cards' MARA
Kids' song refrain EIEIO
Leonard Bernstein's 'Chichester __' PSALMS
Leonard __: Roy Rogers SLYE
Like some bridal dresses LACY
Marginally ABIT
Market letters IGA
Maroon 5 and Ben Folds Five BANDS
Most rough, in a manner of speaking? RASPIEST
Mozart work OPERA
Nail holder TOE
Not in one's head REAL
Not slouching ERECT
Pigtails PLAIT
Pittsburgh Steelers' founder ARTROONEY
Protective excavation MOAT
Ramen flavoring MISO
Reason for an R rating, perhaps LOVESCENE
Rejections VETOES
Spread things PATES
Subj. with integrals CALC
Takes the inside track HASANEDGE
Thomas' veep AARON
Time measure SAND
Tweeter's 'conversely' OTOH
Uninspiring DRAB
Were present? ARE
__ League ARAB
__ therapy GENE
__ Unido: United Kingdom, in Spain REINO