The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,274 - Aug 2 2019

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Clues Answers
'Director once collapsed', one added FELLINI
, 24 & 25 Across Forward-looking contributor to a big shot? WIDE
, 3 & 6 Across Means to examine semi-homespun cotton twisted into yarn? FINE
Almost hide diamonds and rings in specialist transport SKIDOO
Article supporting back-to-back housing causing fuss HOOHA
Bound dictionary with large content -- with large content OBLIGED
Ditch rich for going first -- this is amusing FUNNYHAHA
Draw country animal, penned by friend NATIONALLOTTERY
Evil woman left heart in Wales back here? LLANELLI
Exceeds with cracking cryptic Toughies OUTWEIGHS
Fish scrap in bottom of bag WHITING
Galileo worked outside new boundary GOALLINE
Girl caught in blind alley LINDA
History student admitted to dreadful English CHRONICLE
I am ready, ignoring the odds, to accept following fight AFFRAY
Clues Answers
In bed, sick, leader perhaps going over dance COTILLION
In city, Castro nearly set up complex organisation EDIFICE
Knight taking turn to follow horse in battle MARENGO
Major organisation of a republic blocked by member EMPIRE
Mixed drink and drug consumed by jiving beatniks SNAKEBITE
Nicks records about church NOTCHES
Note in passage by W H Auden, originally and now? WHATNEXT
Pleb embracing British 'up yours!' YAHBOO
Scientist is dissecting fag-ends regularly dropped by climber, say ABSCISED
See 1 Across TOOTH
See 1 Across) COMB
See 23 Across LENS
See 23 Across ANGLE
Slightly devious tone two universities initially misconstrued beforehand TENUOUSLY
Thermal controller in dining car too erratic -- I should stop it AIRCONDITIONING