Universal - Aug 2 2019

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Clues Answers
"Agnus ___" DEI
"August: ___ County" OSAGE
"Hurry!" ASAP
"I'm impressed!" OOH
"In your dreams!" ASIF
"Isn't that something!" GOSH
"Old MacDonald" refrain EIEIO
"So that's how it is" ISEE
Airport frustration DELAY
Antlered animal ELK
Assents silently NODS
Astronomy angle AZIMUTH
Best possible IDEAL
Boot out OUST
Cause, as havoc WREAK
Causing mischief, literally? (enter "up"ward) DOOGONOT
Chinese menu general TSO
Conduit from the heart AORTA
Crime writer Marsh NGAIO
Dancer's jump JETE
Down Under dweller AUSSIE
Erving's court moniker DRJ
Exacts revenge GETSEVEN
Facing reality again, literally? (Hint: Enter this answer "back"ward!) HTRAEOTNWOD
Famous print maker? BIGFOOT
Fuming IRATE
Give no way out, literally? (enter "back"ward) RENROCAOTNI
Haul (off) CART
Honest ___ ABE
Isaac's eldest ESAU
Lash out at ATTACK
Lawn trimming tools (Bonus diagonal clue: Extra power source, literally? [enter from this answer's 3rd letter to 20-Across' 4th letter]) EDGERS
Learn through the grapevine HEAR
Like Huawei and Samsung ASIAN
Long tale SAGA
Lunch box in Kobe BENTO
Miniature carrot size BABY
Moments of revelation AHAS
Name that sounds like a car OTTO
Clues Answers
New B.A. or B.S GRAD
Not quite closed AJAR
One of four at an MLB game UMP
Opposite INVERSE
Organizer Kondo MARIE
Othello's false friend IAGO
Pants patch place KNEE
Place in line SPOT
Prepares for lithography INKS
Radio alphabet end ZULU
Rather challenging TOUGHISH
Resolution-forming mo JAN
Rising ingredient YEAST
Rodriguez of "Jane the Virgin" GINA
Salon styles HAIRDOS
Santa laugh syllables HOHO
Seek office RUN
Set of answers KEY
Shoe bottom TREAD
Smooth with heat IRON
Some are saturated FATS
State by Lake Erie OHIO
Still uncertain, literally? (enter "up"ward) RIAEHTNI
Taxis CABS
Teases a lot RAGS
Top of the corp. ladder CEO
Trojan War figure with a loud voice STENTOR
Two queens, e.g PAIR
Unofficial bomb: Abbr IED
Use as a starting point GOFROM
Vikings' tongue NORSE
Wide-eyed AGOG
Woodpile covering TARP
Xerox competitor RICOH
Yes, in anime HAI
___-sheeting (bed prank) SHORT