The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8032

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Clues Answers
Abnormally obsessive NEUROTIC
Admitting the truth of acknowledging
Anathematised CURSED
Before ERE
Charitable donations ALMS
Consider carefully PONDER
Curve; knot BEND
Final confrontation SHOWDOWN
Hotel guest RESIDENT
Long historical period ERA
Love for the past NOSTALGIA
Male pig HOG
Clues Answers
Metallic element MANGANESE
Noble; look intently PEER
Operatic number ARIA
Pace between trot and gallop CANTER
Pale; weak WAN
Quality evoking pity PATHOS
Radio/TV introducer ANNOUNCER
Small European state san marino
US president REAGAN
Warm and cosy SNUG
Watery part of milk WHEY