Wall Street Journal - Aug 1 2019 - Surrounded by Loved Ones

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Clues Answers
'A pox on you!' FIE
'Agnus ___' DEI
'Hair' dos AFROS
'Law & Order: SVU' co-star ICET
'Little House on the Prairie' heroine LAURA
'___ dale and hill the summons flew': Sir Walter Scott OER
3-D shape important in geometry CONE
3-D shape important in topology TORUS
Aconcagua's range ANDES
Admission receipts GATE
Almond's relative ECRU
Apply in a slapdash way DAUB
Approaching NEAR
Arm raiser, informally DELT
Attracted DREW
Big name in 19th-century fur trading PASTORALS
Book followed by the sequel 'Ayesha' SHE
Boolean operator NOT
Box for a boxer DOGCRATE
Capital at about 12,000 feet LHASA
Capital on a fjord OSLO
Celebration's start? SOFTC
Common unit of work ALLERGIES
Congresswoman Ilhan OMAR
Cranberry crop setting BOG
Disallow BAN
Donald Jr.'s mother IVANA
Earth, in sci-fi stories TERRA
Etailer's help option CHAT
Euro precursor LIRA
Event including BMX Big Air XGAMES
Extract through filtering LEACH
Fancy plates MACHINATES
Farm team OXEN
Fish also called mahi-mahi DORADO
Forest makeup TREES
Full of pep ENERGETIC
Gala garb TUX
Guileful SNEAKY
Clues Answers
Guileful SLY
Guitar features FRETS
Havarti additive DILL
Hazard for a hog RUT
Hebrew name meaning 'lion' BESTIARIES
Home of the annual Jamboozie music festival LAREDO
Impulse conductor AXON
Iron production STEAM
It might hold grog STEIN
It's across the Missouri from Council Bluffs OMAHA
Joe Biden's wife JILL
Layered cut SHAG
Letters on many towers AAA
Like some flaws FATAL
Michelle's younger daughter SASHA
Necessarily involve ENTAIL
Number before novem OCTO
One using legs as paddles WATERBUG
Palindromic woman's name AVA
Place of safety in a hot zone? OASIS
Prez of the 1950s IKE
Rap reply ENTER
Remove DOFF
Sacha Baron Cohen voices one in 'Madagascar' LEMUR
See 37-Across FRIENDS
Short stage works ONEACTS
Site of some hookups: Abbr ICU
Sitting IDLE
Small house in the Southwest CASITA
Small sails JIBS
Some reds CABS
Sound of amusement HEH
Temporary reprieve STAY
Title character for Will Ferrell ELF
Warning letters on some forwards NSFW
When some get paid FRIDAYS
Wind instrument common in Polynesia NOSEFLUTE
With 39-Across, a description of the answers inside 17-, 24-, 49- and 60-Across BETWEEN